Monday, September 5, 2011

One month till marathon 2

Happy Labor Day! 
Hope you are getting a good fix of fun and sun before fall really sets in!! 
I had a nice little weekend, I got a lot of projects done, writing caught up on and am looking forward to a FULL September with lots of amazing things heading my way!! 

Yesterday, I ran 12 miles for my Twin Cities Marathon Training! I clocked myself at 1:36:31, so a nice little clip! Next weekend is my last 20 miles then, it's taper time till the big day!! I am SO excited, it is going to be BEAUTIFUL and such a fun race! I am ready to push myself to the limits!! 

It is just shy of one month till the marathon and it's nice to experience good training runs. Yesterday, my legs, my mind and my will all were on the same page, so the run was like clock work! I told myself at 2 points with about 5 and 2 miles left that I was going to take my pace up and I did. My legs were totally on board and not the problem at all, my mind knew what I wanted to accomplish and my will was there shoveling coal on the fire. 

But what about the days when none of it lines up? Do you have those? I sure do. Some days, my will is WAITING, shovel in hand to get cranking and my mind is standing in front of it, arms crossed saying "I just don't think we can today, I mean, her side kind of aches, she didn't sleep well, she doesn't REALLY need to push it on this one...does she?"

My Mind and my will are separate. My mind will logically calculate what it thinks is reasonable, logical for the task at hand... my will knows what it wants and wants to push past that. My will is almost always willing and ready to DO more, GO faster, GET after it and my mind is what fills with doubt or excuses. My legs are like the youngest child who, while extremely important to the process and loved, don't get a say in the matter. Sorry legs, just keep quite and follow me. 

SO, how to change our mind, how to let our mind in on the secret that our WILL already knows... we CAN do more. OR is that just something we are constantly battling and will always have to re-remind and asses...mind vs. will. 
What are your thoughts??? 

I love this... just love. 

Shopping, shoes, aiming high
I got to spend a little time with my sweet friend Alyssa who writes over at Goal! Getter! Gurl! We went to Buffalo Exchange to do a little clothes selling and clothes shopping!! It was SUPER fun to get out and spend sometime with her and be social! 

She and I have both been on a fun fitness journey-- she has lost weight and had success with working out recently, she called us the incredible shrinking women. None of her clothes fit and a bunch of my pants are too loose! A good problem to have!! Her success story will be posted here SOON!! 

STILL I came away with these SWEET heels for fall, now I just need a few hot dates to wear them on, POST marathon of course so I don't hurt myself!! I am going to TRY and run the marathon FAST...did I mention that?? Quite fast, possibly a Boston Qualifying time if the Lord is willing!! Yep, I anticipated a 3:44:50, it's a LOFTY goal, but why not aim HIGH!! 

What is stronger for you--your mind or your will? Or do you think they work equally together?? Have a blessed and SAFE Holiday!! 

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