Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

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Three Things Thursday! 

 1) I am a Woman of God Tee! 
I got two I am a Woman of God tee's in the mail yesterday and promptly wore one for my back workout, I LOVED it!! This little pink tissue tee was on clearance and PERFECT for a gym workout. 
Back day: Lat pull down 95# 5 sets of 10
Seated Row 100# 5 sets of 12
Assisted pull up: 25#assist 5 sets of 8 (10 if I used narrow, alternated wide/narrow grip)
reverse cable fly/cobra 15# 5 sets of 8 

2) Skate vs. Run
I went for a quick 6 miles around the lake with my trusty Riedell derby skates, LOVE the speed on these. It was a cross training night instead of a run, my week has been busy, busy, BUT a long run awaits me this weekend.... I LOVE skating because it's something I have done my whole life and I can just cut loose and go! Hey LOOK, sporting my second IAWOG tee...Gotta love these! Get them hereIt was a good workout day all in all, I am looking forward to creating my plans for you! 

3) Nerdy Blogger Conference! 
Remember in my comments when I got called a Nerdy Blogger!! I wear that badge with PRIDE! My blog has been so amazing in my life, the doors it's opened and the inspiration I find in writing it. 
Well, I am PUMPED! Saturday is the Minnesota Blogger Conference!! It should be a blast and there are a great line up of speakers, I will give a full report next week!! AND I think forever ago, I promised a giveaway, I HAVE TWO on my desk here, just waiting for the right time....Tomorrow I will drop bomb on giveaway #1... wait for it!! 


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