Monday, September 12, 2011

Creating URGENCY!!

A new week, a new call to move forward with our goals and dreams! 

Monday: what was URGENT?

 Getting that cup of coffee.... I know. Finding a project from Friday that you forgot to complete, remembering your kids game after school, getting dinner on the table... ALL have a sense of urgency around them.  Deadlines, hungry tummy's, time crunches, they are like the fire truck screaming down the street, a phone that is ringing off the hook, the tea kettle that whistles incessantly till you pull it from the heat. 

But not every important thing in our life has a sense of urgency around it....why? Well, because certain things don't scream, ring or whistle to get our attention. They just ARE until one day they are NOT. The salad doesn't nudge us from the corner of the fridge, the dumbbells don't ring or start on fire till we pick them up, the treadmill doesn't chase us down and stand over us as we run... But one day the cholesterol, waist line or heart and Lungs may start screaming

HOW do we create urgency around things that are inherently not urgent so that they do not turn into health concerns or problems later on down the road? 

The best example and most OFTEN used are: Weddings and Reunions!! It doesn't get more urgent than to show your ex-high school, bff just how fit and fabulous you have become, but it needs to be BETTER than that. 

Pick a few dates to reach small attainable goals! Short term wins create MOMENTUM!

WRITE your goals down. POST them for you and others to SEE, check them off as you go... 

Do it for your SELF, not the wedding, not the ex-bff, for YOU! 

Tell others about the date, the goal and stay accountable! 

Find someone daily who will check in with you, send them an email, or call to stay on track! 

Treat it like a test! That date is a BIG deal, work hard and be prepared for it. 

Pick a reward you REALLY want! A new outfit, a trip, a weekend away, a spa day... anything but food!

Visualize your success: 
your smile, you with your reward, looking how you want to look, feeling how you want to feel and KNOWING that Dr.'s report is going to be what you want to hear! 
Visualize yourself finishing the race, beating your time, nailing your goal weight...

When you are ready to be serious and create urgency you will.... you will register for that race, you will book that photo session, you will agree to face your fears. 
And if one deadline passes and you fell a little short, just remember that we fall seven times, stand up eight.  

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