Thursday, September 15, 2011

I will protect this house...

Happy Thursday!! 

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If you haven't seen this video, watch it! It's inspiring and the women are strong and amazing!! 

Does anyone out there wear Under Armour?? I don't own anything yet, but their slogan "I WILL  protect this HOUSE!" has a cool and applicable story! 

From Fast Company Magazine: 
The underdog had to figure out ways to get more bang out of its tiny marketing budget. For Under Armour's first TV ad in 2003, the goal was to create a spot that would live longer than its 30 seconds on the air, says Steve Battista, director of marketing. The commercial showed a football squad huddled around Eric Ogbogu, one of Plank's former teammates and a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. He shouted, "We must protect this house!" as if his life depended on it.  "Protect this house doesn't mean sitting back on your haunches." --Kevin Plank,  Founder Under Armour (FULL ARTICLE HERE)


Think about this in terms of your body, your house, your temple. 
Will you protect it? 
Are you protecting it?  
Is your house, strong, able, solid? Is the door heavy wood, is the foundation straight and solid, are the walls sturdy and thick? 

LET'S GO people, Are you protecting your home turf, your house, your BODY? 
Or are you sitting back on your haunches? Thinking about eating right, thinking about working out? Or are you DOING IT? Little habits, one by one, like little single nails build a strong house. So we workout, we eat right, get sleep, try and be balanced and centered. 

BUT if the foundation is not solid, not straight or if it leaks--It doesn't matter how GOOD the house looks, how pretty the outside is or how nice the things are that populate it.. the house will suffer. A FIRM foundation is the best protection! Build your base, start with the vital habits: diet, exercise and be consistent! 

OOPS, fix that foundation QUICK! 

Someone just recently was talking to me about personal training and how they were considering it once, but the package was nearly a mortgage payment! That's a lot, I know, I get it. And then I thought, yeah....

 your BODY is your house too!

 A second mortgage payment for your second house, the one that is MORE expensive and harder to fix if it gets run down, the one that you spend ALL of your time in, not just most.

Isn't that worth it? 

Let's make it worth it and say, I will protect this house, whatever the cost and ALWAYS better to pay now and fix a small problem or prevent one than years down the line when the WHOLE place needs to be gutted and worked on. 

Not to say we have to fork over oodles of dollars for training, but if it IS your home, why not take it as serious as an investment as your wood, brick or mortar house you live in? We have to protect THIS HOUSE! I Loved the honest analogy of the trainer costing as much as a second mortgage, but it also placed such a true importance and value on our health and wellness too...   

ARE YOU IN? What small changes are you going to make today to protect your house, your body, your temple?? 

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