Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lose your BUT in 3 easy steps!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Tell me, WHAT is YOUR workout today?? 

Who is doing what? Lifting? Spin? Walking? Yoga?
I am lifting and doing a little running! 

Lose your BUT in three easy steps! 
I have the easiest way to lose your but in just three easy steps. 
You won't have to do Dead lifts followed by lunge jumps. 
You won't have to run at an incline and then drop and do 30 bench squats. 

I want to eat right...BUT
I want to workout daily...BUT
I want to run my first 5k...BUT .... 

Are you picking up what I am laying down??

I can give you lists and lists of exercises to lose your BUTT, 
and it won't matter until you lose your BUT.  

WANT IT:  There are NO excuses, people do what they want to do. We see it all the time and we over look it, brush it off and excuse it so other feel better. Nope, actions speak louder than words, what people say is trumped by what they DO. If someone wants to workout, they WILL...at home, in the gym, during nap time, over lunch hour. If you WANT it bad enough you will do it! 
There is NO BUT, you do what you want to do, so you have to WANT it bad enough.  Do you WANT IT? 

BELIEVE IT:  YOU are the only person you are competing against. Your healthy choices affect YOU first, your drive, your tired legs, your mental road blocks, they are all yours to contend with and no one else. We are the ones who let ourselves down with the BUT. We are the ones that hold ourselves back, that quit, then judge, then fall into bad habits. The BUT is about us. No one else, we do it for us... are you worth it? 
DO YOU BELIEVE it?? Then no more, yeah BUT... 

Eliminate the obstacles: I meet people everyday in my job who are working out THROUGH some tough physical ailments: Injuries on the mend, chronic pain, wheelchairs. There are people who deal with barriers like obesity, disordered eating, no support systems, little money and all of these people have eliminated the obstacles in their way. Some physical and some simply by mentally pushing them aside. We have to eliminate the obstacles, we have to work hard to make them non issues!

 Backwards thinking? Repeat affirmations even if you feel silly and they feel untrue
Schedule conflicts: Rearrange, get help, delegate. People busier than you are making time for health
Physical problems: Talk to your Dr., your Therapist, your trainer, there is a way around most every limitation to the exercise you need to do. 
Mental stress and despair: Rally friends for email, phone call and workout buddy support
NO Support to rally? Find any stranger at the gym, make them your friend and keep  accountable. 

Overwhelmed with the BUTS? 
Schedule time to relax, for yourself. Take small steps toward your goal. Pick TWO small things to change and do that for two weeks. The Journey is but one small step after another, but you have to get the BUTS out of the way!!

Want it, believe it and eliminate those obstacles! 
What is your worst obstacle? Is it external or internal? 
Mine is that I am "scared" of hard things.... 

Make it great today!! Fall is on the way, soak up that sun while you can! 
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