Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confessions: The week of inconsistency!

What good is pouring all your time into a blog
 if you can't tell all? 
A lot of times I don't have EPIC things happening in my life, I mean. I eat for fuel, it's good food, but lately, not jaw dropping, drool enticing foods. I work (awesome new job as a trainer at an awesome new gym!), come home write, hang with the cats, run, lift, work on projects, go to church... 
I am working on some great EPIC things but I am always hesitant to share till they are more set in stone! is great, full and sometimes just there. YES everyday is amazing! I face trials just like everyone else. I don't always air them here, because I know I am on a path and learning from them. Mostly I share when I am beyond a certain trial.  
YES everyday is a gift and I am blessed head over heels to do all I do in my work and training! It was a dream of mine to do this and not everyone is in a position to just quit a job and chase their dream. 
YES I have big goals and big ambitions and big HOPES, I expect all positive things! Does it happen the way I think it will always? No, but it always happens and it's always a blessing! 

MY Week of Inconsistency
I had too much coffee, hands down! And not enough water, I was hitting 40 ounces at best and I should be hitting that before breakfast. Boo... working hard on getting that water in! If I don't start by about 10am, then I have trouble starting at all! Our body WILL crave what we give it, not at first but eventually! Gotta get started on the right foot!

I didn't run any small, short or speed runs between my 20 miler on the 11th and my 10 miler on the 19th.... Hm. 8 days, no running in the middle of marathon training with an aggressive goal. I could have ran at night, I could have set my alarm earlier and I could have just TRIED harder to squeeze them in. Really. Even just TWO. But I was transitioning jobs...I feel like it doesn't count. It's not like I was in an office putting in overtime. Either we do it, or we don't! I didn't. NEEDLESS to say, I am getting my midweek running in THIS time around. 

It's Funny, I did get two days of lifting in!
AND I have had some moments where I wasn't eating and drinking the way I want to be. My body feels worse now when I add junk in. The worst was the first day on my new job, I had a Monster Energy drink! Man did that do a number on my tummy, especially with the little water!!  Eating clean= drinking clean TOO! I do the coffee and more than I should but drinks with so much sugar and chemicals really wreak havoc on the system. YIKES, I came out OK, just focused in on drinking my water and trying to steer clear of junk. 

I need accountability as much as the next person, I get it from the blog and from some friends around me! Who do you get accountability from?? 
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