Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweat and Pressure

Happy Monday lovelies!
Here in Mn, it was a beautiful weekend!! The sun was out, it's a real crisp fall weekend.

I was hanging at church nearly all weekend listening to a special speaker and I got some AMAZING nuggets of info to overcome and STAND in what we are called to do! Whoo! So good. Before my weekend getting refueled and filled up at church, I went in to work on Friday to be trained by two of my co-workers. It's something they have us do on a regular basis. We get on other trainers schedules and run through new idea's, new workouts and they kick our boot-y. 

Here is Amanda and I after she ran me through a SWEET, hard, functional 30 minute workout! I was sweating on everything, it was just pouring off of me. 

A friend sent me this pic, cute huh? 
ALL of my fat cells were in MOURNING on Friday!

Life can be filled with pressure. There was a little pressure to do well when my co-workers trained me! I am the new girl! Eek! Pressure on the job, pressure to perform, pressure to KNOW where you are heading, what you are doing there, pressure to do your best, do give your all, pressure to do all you should, pay all those bills...

I could go on and on about pressure! The last few months I have been dealing with some of life's pressures, but recently they were really amplified! I struggled with WHY? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? 

Feeling tossed by waves? Remember who is in your boat! 

No. Not every situation of pressure, not every trial or test is because we are in the wrong place. Not everything we face that is hard is because we made a poor choice and took a wrong turn. 

In the gospels, the followers of Christ were in a boat, WITH him and crossing a small sea. A BIG storm came up as Christ slept in the boat and it was nearly ready to capsize! They were supposed to go across that sea, their leader was WITH them even! When we are tossed around, facing trials and under pressure remember, you are not alone! 


Over the past few months, there were a few days where I thought "this is TOO much to deal with, TOO much to go through right now." And yet I made it through every day, sometimes with just enough and always still standing. When you go through a situation of pressure, how we react is more important than the outcome!! Are we KIND, are we patient, do we look for lessons in it whether we took a right or wrong turn? 

What we learn, what we take away, the character that is built under life's pressures is what is so important. There is a quote I love: 
" I would rather be a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without."

JUST like we have to put pressure on our muscles to grow, we can take those opportunities to grow as well. Just like it's hard to push our bodies through a long run, a hard workout to move to the next level, periods of pressure will help us, IF WE LET it and not just complain about it, move to a new level. We grow from strength to strength like Psalm 84 says. But we have to stand on a firm foundation and firm faith to make it through!! 

What do you hold fast to when you are going through pressures of life? 

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