Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marathon Day!

Today I am running my hometown Marathon, The Twin Cities Medtronic! I am SO pumped and am SO thankful for all my friends out there supporting me and cheering me on, the people cheering me and tracking me from a far and ALL who donated to my fundraising for the race!! 

This is a few up the finish line to St. Paul Cathedral--it is behind me as I finish and the 
State capital in front of me!! PUMPED! 

It's going to be a high of 71 and SUN, I am so thrilled for the great weather! I have arm warmers that came with my race packet and will wear those for at least the first hour, maybe more! 

I got all taped up at the expo, I have been experiencing some knee, instability or slight pain around miles 18-20, 20 being the farthest training run I did. SO, just to assure that I am feeling strong, I had some experts at the Expo do a little basic knee stabilizing taping. Like brand new! 

Friday Night, I hung out at my OLD stomping grounds and lifted weights with Goal Getter, Alyssa! I am DYING to lift heavy with my legs, but have taken it pretty easy on them for the last week or so, OH how I miss the SQUATS!!  Check out Alyssa's sweet journey on Facebook while you wait for me to finish my epic race!! 

Prayers for a strong and injury free race are MORE than welcome! I am running for the Lord and for ME and for all of you!! 

Tracking runners in the Twin Cities Marathon?? 
And watch their progress! My Bib is F4897!! HAVE FUN!! 

 What is your longest race running or walking?? 

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