Friday, October 7, 2011

Success Story: Carrie Rae, No More Excuses!!

Happy Friday!! I am excited for a beautiful weekend, are you? A little running, a little meeting up with friends and new projects!

 Guess what? Success stories are back!
Today is Carrie Rae who is a friend from college, a rock-star Mom and runner! 

My success story is not as obvious as most. There is no big monument. I never gained and lost a hundred pounds. I have not run a marathon. I never had a major health scare tied to my weight. Mine is a shift in thinking, not only changing how I approach fitness, but life in general.

I grew up being athletic, but never recognized my athleticism because I grew up in a very physically active family with older brothers who were quite gifted in many ways. I competed in cross-country, softball and track, all of which I was decent at, though could have excelled in any of them if I had the drive. I just participated because I could. In school, P.E. was my easy A. With my family, I skied regularly through the winter from the time I was 3 and backpacked in the rugged Montana mountains by summer.

I knew that I had a minor hurdle in every activity that I did, which was always hanging over my head and I used it as a crutch to keep me from truly excelling. From birth, I had Congenital Hip Dysplasia, which doctors didn’t properly correct in the beginning. It would cause minor problems and discomfort from time to time when I pushed it, but I grew up so active that my muscles were strong and kept things from really being a problem.

Fast forward a number of years….I was still fairly active and young when I had my first baby. But, quickly, I fell into the trap of thinking that my body will never be the same and I can never expect to have my metabolism what it used to be and definitely will never be a size 4 again. Fortunately, without much thought to it, I got active again; back to hiking, softball, skiing and even a new sport, rock climbing.

hiking with the WHOLE family! 

Eight years later, I had three more babies in less than four years. After I lost all the baby weight that I was going to lose, I added five pounds to my initial starting weight. After 4 babies, that was 20 pounds heavier than pre-baby #1. At first I tried to convince myself that “I looked good for having had four kids.”

Making excuses again.

Before I even had my last baby, I decided that the weight was coming off this time. I was not going to keep adding five pounds. I started running within a few weeks of having her. I was fairly consistent that first year running even though I hated running-- I hated holding that baby weight more. 

That was my only motivation. About a year later, my husband and I decided we were going to get back into the mountains and do some serious backpacking. I got more serious about my running because the extra weight and the lack of muscle tone was starting to cause some serious pain in my bad hip when I did extreme distances or elevation while backpacking. I was also realizing at this point that if I got my leg stronger, I could keep from needing an early hip replacement.

Carrie out running with Baby #5 on the way!

This past summer we made it to the summit of the highest peak in Montana, Granite Peak, a destination for climbers all over the country. This climb finishes with technical rock climbing after an approximate 6,300 ft climb and 11 miles in, finishing at 12,799 ft above sea level. I was very proud of this accomplishment. 

It made me feel strong.

Since then, my perspective has changed on many things. I like feeling strong. In every season, I am motivated to be active and have made goals and accomplished them week after week and month after month. 

I no longer look for excuses to NOT run. 

I now look for how I am going to squeeze in a workout (not always easy when its mid-winter and homeschooling, with kids at home). I don’t worry about weight anymore, but I am currently trying to tone and get physically strong so that I can accomplish more and see more.

Not only has my attitude about working out changed, but my attitude in how I approach other things in life has changed drastically. Things that would steal my joy before; I see as an opportunity to conquer something.

No more looking for excuses ANYWHERE.

Wow! Thanks Carrie!! I am so inspired to not let any of my little mindsets stop me! I totally want to be an active Mom like you, you set a great example for your kids! *If YOU have a success story to share about living your best life, losing weight, and overcoming in general, drop me a line at Mary at fit this girl dot com to be featured! 

What mid-sets have held you back in the past, things in your life you started using as excuses and got over? 

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