Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's your health MO?

Happy Tuesday!! I have been a little "under the weather" the past few days and it can nearly get the best of you, if you let it! I hit it hard with juice, rest, water and big stack of movies! 

It was 82 this weekend in Minneapolis, YES, 82, in October and I was on the couch sick. I was dying to get in a workout, but knew I would over do it so chose to rest it out. Here is a question for you.. what do you do when you go to the gym? Do you workout at home? Walk? Do you stick to the plan day in and day out? 

What's your Fitness MO?  

I used that phrase with my Mom and she didn't know what MO was! So we looked it up! 

Modus operandi (plural modi operandi) is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as "mode of operation".[1] The term is used to describe someone's habits or manner of working, their method of operating or functioning. In English, it is frequently shortened to M.O. 

It's what we DO & how we do it... 

Here are four fitness MO's for you, do you fit one?  

The lurker-  You come to the gym...maybe on a 5 day pass, maybe with a friend and you hop on the elliptical. Here you spend more time watching others than working. You grab some free weights, do a few bicep curls, move your arms up and down a bit or go push around some weigh on a machine, but you really don't have a plan. You lurk at the back of the fitness center, maybe stretching, maybe doing crunches, but really not knowing WHAT to do. You take Zumba, but stand in the back, you LURK because you are lost, unsure of what to do or how to do it!! 

The Lurker is a prime candidate for personal training! Trainers give you a reason to come in, to learn new moves and push you to your limits. We teach you the way around the machines, the way around the gym and we give you the tools to do it yourself for LIFE!! Most lurkers don't get what they could out of their fitness, they come often, lurk, play and get little to no results and wonder why! Don't be a lurker, get some direction and some help so you can see and achieve your goals!

The 12 week wonder- At some point in our lives we have even BEEN 12 week wonders! They join the gym with great expectations--tons of 12 week wonders join at the BEST time to start new plans--New Years! The wedding coming up, the reunion! They hit it hard, maybe even daily. They make friends, try everything and even see results...then, they fade. Why? 
Because seeing the results for them is what they want and they feel like they have reached their destination! Maybe they get some compliments at work or they can SEE the body they have wanted...Maybe life stuff gets a little more in the way, a late night at the office instead of a run, a happy hour instead of a work out, they can spare it, I mean, it's just ONCE and they look GREAT. 
Then one week turns into three and then a month and they are sliding back to square one!! Maybe you DO come back all the way, maybe it takes six months. Is this you? Remember, it takes time to form a habit, some say 21 days, some say 30 days but it takes just a few excuses to get OUT of that habit.  Have you been a 12-week wonder? What has distracted you and pulled you away? 

The weekend warrior- Work is work and during the week, between work, the kids, and life, you just can't get much in! But the weekend is your time! you hit the gym for some lifting, maybe a class with the girls or basketball with the guys. Maybe you do  a nice long ride on your bike or get two days of running in. 

Your weekends are your time to enjoy your fitness, your time at the gym, but during the week, life's demands take over and you just can't do all you want to!  Maybe someday soon, you will fit in a M--W-F workout hour other than happy hour or working over your lunch hour, but until then you do what you can on the weekend and the battle continues! 

The lifer- YOU LOVE your gym. You live and breathe your morning run, you don't miss your nights lifting with the guys, your kick boxing classes, your yoga, your walks. You wear your HR monitor all the time. You have sweat stained, thread bare workout clothes that you tote proudly around with you. You have the newest LUCY wear, matching headband, shoes, color frickin' coordinated. You are a member. A lifer. You want to run till your 90, you want to climb exotic mountain ranges, you want to track your body fat, you know how much protein you eat a day, you know the distance around the lakes...and BACK. You have a bike rack on your car. You use it. You have been in a running group, lead turbo kick after your 9-5 job, you read books like "Born to Run" and "New Rules of LIfting" just for fun and to learn about what you love. You plan vacations around marathons, do the same races every year and cheer for the ones you aren't in. You are a card carrying member of some fitness facility. You have done jazzercise, water aerobics, body pump, kettle bells, cross fit or some kind of super tough, muddy obstacle course run your spouse talked you into. You're in this for life. You love being fit and you will not leave it behind. 
You would rather feel SORE than SORRY most days of the week. 
What ever that looks like for you, The Lifer. Be one. 

What's your fitness MO right now? You can change it, it's up to you, your choice! 

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