Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Word & Weight: The Deadlift


Isaiah 43:25
"I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins."

Word: For His sake
For HIS sake, God says it there, for MY OWN Sake--His sake! He BLOTS out our sin, like a big white out blot over our red F, for HIS sake. Why? Because He loves us and He can not look on or associate with sin and He LOVES us so much and wants to be in relationship with us!!  If my brother lies to me 5 times, the 6th time, I won't believe him, I won't take him at his word and It will damage our relationship. 

God's blotting out our sin and remembering them no more is one way that He says, "I LOVE YOU, this much, your sin has been covered and taken care of. Now, we can get back to our relationship the right way." All of that just for you, all of that for love, but at a high price. For His sake and with His son's life. What an astounding offer. Chris Tomlin sings the words, "You see the depth of my heart and You love me the same," who else could see the deepest depth of our hearts, where the worst of me lurks and love me the same? No one here on earth, only God. I just pray that I am not careless with that grace, but think of it with all my actions!! 

Weight: The Deadlift
One of my essential lifts! I love the dead lift because it works your whole body! You are holding your weights, strengthening your back and working those glutes and hamstrings!! 

TIPS: Holding the weight in front, engage your core and keep your chest lifted and shoulders back. Then, with knees slightly bent you tip at the hip and lower, keeping your back straight.  This is the Romanian or straight leg deadlift and puts a little more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings!  Notice that my knees are slightly bent and I am pulling that pelvis up to the ceiling. 

You will feel a nice little stretch or pull in your hamstrings at the bottom of the lift, pause for one second and come all the way back up to start. Check your form in the mirror and see that your back is flat like a table, not rounded at the shoulders. Also be sure the weights in what ever form are close to your body, as if they were rolling pins on your legs! 

- Hold plates, weighted straight bar, dumbells, even kettlebells
- Start from the top and tip down. OR start from the bottom with knees more bent and lift upwards keeping your back stabilized (true deadlift, not demonstrated here) 
-Adding in upper body: an upright row (shown) or a bent over row at the bottom of the lift, squeezing shoulder blades together and aiming the weight toward your ribcage (not shown)
-Grip the bar overhand, underhand or mixed grip for help with heavier weight
-One leg or two legs, one leg Deadlifts extends the non-stabilizing leg back as you balance

Low back, hamstrings, glutes, OH MY !!! Here I am 
using two 25# plates

This I do for MY sake! It strengthens your whole body and is an excellent move to create great strength in your lower body! I ALWAYS add it in to leg day to see the results that I want! 

Do you Deadlift? What variation do you do or do your change it up?
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