Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three LINKS thursday!

I don't always do this, but instead of a three THINGS Thursday, here is a three LINKS Thursday!! Three things that this week, I LOVE on the interwebs! Enjoy! 

1) Without You: This song, makes me SO happy. I love it because it's not about drugs or sex or doing something STUPID last weekend, or getting drunk or hating your ex. It's about LOVE. You could even sing it to your Dog or to GOD. My kind of song. Plus the video is sweet. 

2) Get Ripped without Cardio? Maybe, it was an interesting read, from Muscle and Strength dot com. Cardio is amazing though and has huge benefits in helping us get ripped and lean. Still, when do YOU tend to eat your carbs, at every meal, at night, never after 6pm?? I find I eat more protein in the morning and more carbs at night!

3) Power Devo's at Christian Strength Training dot com! They are kind of like my Word & Weight, Jason is a great trainer and editor for Faith and Fitness Magazine! Check out his videos where he demonstrates a functional exercise and a truth from the word of God! They are SO cool, inspiring and challenging in every way! Thanks Jason!! 

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