Monday, October 24, 2011

Goal Announcement: My Road to Figure!

The weekend was a challenging one, and not at the gym, but at home. My little buddy, of 8 years is sick. BUT I am hopeful that he will fight through it. 
Come on Fitzy--You're a fighter! 

Goal Announcement: My Road to Figure!
Well, I have a new announcement and some of you may not be surprised about it! I am starting my road to a figure competition! I am done with my distance races this year and am glad about it because running as FAR as I was does NOT make your body look like Vanessa Tib rockin it out below. Running a marathon is a formula to lean you out and that means all of you, your MUSCLES as well as your fat. It will not make you stronger, it will make you able to GO longer, for longer. And it will not make you cut or gain muscle mass. It will make you thankful for the 10k's you run. :) 

SO, I am moving forward with lifting, which I LOVE and am going to do a Figure Competition in the spring, I am aiming at a March/April show!! There are a ton of tiny little details that go into competing in a show, the training, the eating, the suit, the posing, walking across the stage, withOUT falling. SO, I got a coach to help me! She has done 12 shows herself and has many successful clients who are competing and winning! 

Coach Tara helps us be "Perfectly Prepared!"

This is what I am starting with : 

Just like when I blog about running and other health and wellness ventures I dive into, I am going to blog about this, track my progress, my tips and keep you guys up to speed on what the training is like and how it feels! I am going to do this as HEALTHY as I can, no unnatural supplements, no unhealthy habits, just clean eating, clean building and heavy lifting! I am SO excited for the journey!! 

You can also follow my progress pics and journey in MORE detail on BodySpace, from Body There will be more progress pics and workout details there.

AND within the next 3 days or so, I will be launching a new CHALLENGE with prizes and a boatload of fun!! Here's a hint, it will give you a LEG up on everyone else around you for the new year just around the corner... keep posted, watch Fit this, Girl Facebook page too! 

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