Monday, October 31, 2011

GIVEAWAY: REVERSE Resolutions Challenge--CLOSED!

Happy Monday!! 
Hope everyone out there in blogland is happy, healthy and HUGGING those you love! If they aren't close enough to hug, call them or text to send a smooch, it's SO important we love others while we can. 

OK, so without FURTHER delay, I am announcing my HOLIDAY Challenge and GIVEAWAY!!! Last year was cool, THIS year, we are starting early, have some AMAZING SWAG that will go to one lucky winner and it's a whole NEW format!! It's the .... 

2011 Reverse Resolution Challenge

From the week of November 1st through the week of January 1st, I CHALLENGE you to do what EVERYONE else does the first week of January through March! Make your resolutions and GO AFTER THEM!! 

The average person gains 7 pounds over the holidays. They over indulge, they miss their scheduled workouts, they have too much eggnog, too much stress and not enough balance! Then when January 1 hits, they have a LIST of "to-dos" that overwhelm and seem unmanageable. But WE are going to do the REVERSE!  


Your Challenge: 
 I am challenging my readers to NOT make over the top new years resolutions, empty promises and aim for hard to keep habits. Instead comment below with your commitment to the challenge, which is only 60 days, and your start to form NEW healthy habits NOW and eliminate the fear of the new year!  

1) Comment and leave an email address to be entered in the challenge ( you can message me your email as well, but please comment to commit) *

2) You MUST do that to be added to the email list, the challenge will take place via your INBOX, NOT over the blog! 

What you GET from me: 

1) You get is TWO emails a week with tips, workouts, clean eating advice, recipes, help and MOTIVATION to meet your goals, that will only be accessed through this email challenge, NOT via the blog. 

2) I will ask you to send me two goals (privately) and will ask you to email me WEEKLY about how you are doing on those goals. I will also ask you to be accountable on THREE measurable action Items and report on those, this is where we interact ONE on ONE to get you on the road to your goal! 

3) You get personal attention from me in reaching your goals and a 30% discount on virtual training which will launch after the challenge is done in the new year! 

What you could WIN in the end: 
THE BEST PART is ONE lucky participant will be chosen at random to win THREE great prizes to pamper themselves! 

1) Bodycology NEW Island Coconut gift set: 
 PERFECT post workout pampering set of body wash and body splash in their NEW Island Coconut fragrance pictured below. I use mine after a hard workout and it helps me feel refreshed, feminine and helps me forget that its COLD. Thanks to Bodycology for sponsoring the challenge.

2) A case of mixed flavors of Chobani yogurt!! 
I don't need to tell you how essential high protein foods are to keep us full and fit! This amazing yogurt is the perfect addition to my challenge AGAIN this year, thanks a TON Chobani for sponsoring the challenge!! 

3) A 1 year subscription to Oxygen Magazine. 
I LOVE oxygen, and I am personally going to send the winner a one year subscription to the fantastic publication that inspires me with workouts, recipes and fun articles! 

THREE Prizes, TWO emails a week, A FEW action items for you and YOU CAN reverse the resolutions and start NOW on the healthy lifestyle you DESERVE!! Comment below and email Mary at Fit this girl dot com to get started 

DON'T let the holidays take a toll on your goal!! 

* winners will NOT be chosen from comments of this post alone, but from all the entrants participating via FB, Twitter and email submissions.  You MUST be entered by November 10th to be eligible and added to my database of participants. A winner will be chosen at random from all the participants and announced on January  9th. 

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