Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Word & Weight: The LUNGE!

Word & Weight

Word: Proverbs 3:5
We are SO self sufficient. SO, so self sufficient. We know so much, we have so much, we are independent, we are self reliant, we map things out, have plans, have routes to get there, GPS to guide us. We know what we want, when we want it and most often, how to get it. BUT... at what cost? 

My own understanding of things is SO limited. So small, so biased even. It's this tiny space, this exact time and all the factors that influence my past experience. God transcends all of that. He is outside of time and space, he is beyond my little world, he IS the world and his understanding of my plan and my path is SO much grander and greater than the little things I insist on and the mediocre agenda's I push. 

SO, I trust him, with my whole heart? That is the tough part, my whole heart. All of it. There are times when I struggle and I want to give him this important thing I am struggling with. He wants it ALL. He wants my little struggles and my big dreams, my big hopes. He gets them all and can take it where he wants in HIS BIG world and I trust, know and believe it's better than anything I could try and do on my own. 

There is NO better way to kick your glutes, get those quads burning, tighten and tone than to lunge and adding weights! It's like dropping it like it's hot, at 90 degrees with proper form and it is effective!  

Stand with your feet hip distance apart and take a BIG step out, make sure your back heel is lifted off the ground. Keeping your chest up, slowly DROP your back knee toward the ground until both knees are at 90 degree angles! Keep your weight evenly between both feet, but mostly on the heel of your front foot, and push through that heal as you come up.  

You can step out and back each time you lunge making SURE your knee doesn't come over your toe, to protect your knee from being compromised. OR you can do static lunges in one place and really squeeze those glutes as you come up.  You do not have to hold weight, but doing so increases your resistance which burns more calories by creating more lean muscle throughout the move! Your legs are one of our biggest muscle groups, so push yours and work 'em!! 

I will do a WHOLE other post on Lunge variations as there are many to do( back lunge, side lunge, curtsy lunge, lunge jumps eek!)  For today, in the video I demonstrated a curl with the lunge for your biceps and a ROW for your back. You can also incorporate a side raise with lighter weights for shoulders.  

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