Thursday, November 3, 2011

My own Goals


Hey you guys! I am ONE MONTH out from the Marathon! I haven't been running as much, but have been focusing on lifting, building and eating as clean as I can and with enough protein and aiming high for clean calories! Here I am after lifting shoulders and legs Tuesday:  

And here I am at a photoshoot on Saturday am! It was a BLAST!!

See how your body can change and look slightly different from day to day??
It's a bit of a frustration when some days, abs can be tighter and more defined. BUT this was a little different too. I was JUST getting back to eating the way I had been all summer when I was cut up! Confession: Late summer and early fall was a really lean time for me, I was experiencing some financial pinch, I was changing clients, I was switching jobs etc. What's the first thing to go? The luxury of eating LIVE food all the time. Fresh produce, greens, clean eats, they honestly hit the back burner, not completely, but for a while as I had to eat within a very TIGHT budget which meant cheaper foods and unfortunately, not as much of them. I didn't eat as often or as well. It changed my metabolism a little, it changed my physique a little too. 

It was SO hard. I was lifting heavy, marathon training, TRYING to keep my muscle and fuel for long runs. The eating and the very LONG running and racing took a toll on my ripped up summer body and I am JUST bouncing back by eating as much as I should and of the right things.  SO, needless to say, I am not back to square one, but have a bit of work ahead of me, much like everyone does!! SO, that brings me to my point. 

Since I am asking everyone in the Holiday challenge (which will be closing FRIDAY for participation, get in NOW if you want to, see the right sidebar link for details!!) to write out, HANG UP and send me 2 goals, I figured I would do the same here on the blog, since I am the one who is "out there" public for all to see! 

Here they are: They are simple. Run 15 miles a week MINIMUM, short and fast to work on my physique. Eat 4 veggie and 2 fruit servings a day. PERIOD.  The OVERARCHING Goal? Bring down belly extra from now till late winter and work on those Abs coming back in with diet. More veggies, more green stuff, more LIVE food. Technically speaking the 2 items listed below are strategy's to get TO my main goal.... but nevertheless. They are my smaller goals which will get me to my BIG goal. SMART. 

I LOVE the quote above: we CAN have what we are willing to struggle for!! Don't give up on your goals, we are all here to encourage each other, help, give ideas and make a difference. Remember.... 

And if you haven't started and want you, there is still time to get in on the challenge, make a change and win! 

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