Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Toolbox

Your Toolbox: 
Hey everyone happiest Tuesday!
I had a GREAT weekend, I went to a new church, made a new friend and learned SO much! My new friend was talking about how when God teaches him something and shows him something, he puts it in his "toolbox." I was SO struck by this! He didn't "file it away" in a dark file cabinet, shut away from the light, he didn't "put it on the shelf" like a book in a dusty library, he put it in his TOOLBOX. 

I mean, I have SEEN men's well used and loved toolboxes! They are opened all the time, sometimes left open as they are constantly in and out, finding just the right tool for the problem or project we are working on. They tote the toolboxes with them, SOME men have whole truck beds that are toolboxes, whole workshops of tools. 

When someone has a toolbox, they are working, they are creating, fixing, tweaking their projects OR serving others doing those things. It's a very active outlook on the lessons we take away from life. Are we going to keep them close at hand in that toolbox as we work on our selves, our lives, our fitness, our goals? 

Are we going to keep those nuggets of knowledge we get when we go through a trial, a hard lesson, a character push, with in arms reach or are they going to be "filed away" and possibly forgotten! NO WAY! We are always moving forward toward success and never BACK! 

Get our your TOOLBOXES and get to work!! 

Marilyn Motivation:
I LOVE pictures of strong women! Especially those who are viewed as icons of beauty or symbols of womanhood in our culture. Strong is the OLD, current and future beautiful!

On a lighter note! I baked up some spaghetti squash and piled on roasted tomatoes! No salt even needed and no butter! It was a DELISH fall meal, a HEAPING portion of my veggies I was aiming for and a healthy clean option!! SO easy to make too, bake the squash for 45-55 min in the oven at 350 with just a drizzling of olive oil, top with tomatoes and done!! 

What is your favorite way to make squash in the fall? 
CHOOSE to have a Blessed day and you WILL! Tomorrow is Word & Weight it is a GOOD one!! 

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