Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Metabolism and Chemistry

Here is my AMAZING confession: I have a sweetie, a beloved. And my metabolism knows it. This past week, I lost my appetite, I didn't get enough sleep, I have been guilty of being a little out of it.. 

I DID get my workouts in. But that's about it. 

 In the morning I did not want to eat my oats, I was NOT hungry and was really struggling to get my food in. I was preoccupied with an amazing man!! I had that good old fashioned, butterflies in your tummy, 7th grade excitement, first week in a new relationship losing your appetite feeling. I struggled this week to take charge and eat ANYWAY, despite the little flips my tummy would do when I saw a message or got a call from my sweetie, let's call him Mack. Suddenly I realized that if I wasn't eating as often, my metabolism could be nose diving...

 And  sleep? Please! Who could sleep with ALL these amazing things to talk about, connect on and all the time we wanted to spend together! I was ready to sacrifice sleep to spend time with Mack, we have SO much in common and SO much fun talking about our faith! We closed down a few restaurants this past week! So lack of sleep puts strain on your body, despite being in a euphoric state, it causes stress which can take your metabolism down! 

With not a ton of sleep 4 nights this past week, I was drinking JAVA like it was going out of style! The more coffee, the less water and BOOM... I am even MORE tired than I should be. Hello amazing Chemistry, good-bye high metabolism! 

We both FINALLY realized what people talk about when they talk about Chemistry!  
I used to think Chemistry was thinking someone was cute, nice, a "Click", but no, it's really a coming together of two different items that mix together, REACT, form something NEW, create smoke! It's FAST, certain, exciting and unmistakable. If you have had true Chemistry with someone you KNOW it!!  

My whirlwind week, which I am SURE will continue into a whirlwind weeks on end will have to, in all it's splendor, bow to the habits I nearly lost a grip on! I am today, FINALLY drinking a little more water and getting a FULL nights sleep. I am over the next few days, make sure I have enough food with me wherever I go and that I come home with an EMPTY lunch bag! 

Here I thought Chemistry and metabolism with buddies, but not this kind of Chemistry! I am SO excited to see what the end product of all this will be, but for now, this is Mack and I am sure you will be seeing more of him, I know I will!  

Have you ever had a relationship or crush throw your habits, routines and schedule off? What was your best way back on track? 

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