Thursday, November 17, 2011

If it ain't Broke..

Happy Thursday!!
Hope your week is ROCKING out and you are keeping your eyes on the prize!! 

Today I checked a TON of my to-do list and am feeling super productive! 
I am going to take today to check in with you on some of my goals that I am aiming for: 

How is it going?? The running could be better!! I haven't been getting it in, so I am going to take ACTION!! I am making a morning DATE with myself!  I put my MILEAGE I am aiming for on the calendar! AND, I got new shoes. I tried the Kinvara's and they were TOO narrow for my feet, even in the half size up, so I stuck with what I knew and LOVED: Nike Free. If it ain't broke, Don't Fix it!! 

New KICKS, Yeah buddy!!

The right result.
You are going to have to do the right thing for a while, before you will see the right results. THIS is often not easy, it is VERY often something we don't anticipate enjoying. Results are
fun, seeing a difference is fun, moving FORWARD is fun, but to do and do and DO and wait?

Not so much.  

And we don't just want ANY result, we don't just want SOMETHING, we want the RIGHT result, we want the destination we are aiming for. Getting the RIGHT result is always worth it, even if it takes a while!

Do I screw up? YEP, do I get impatient, put the cart before the horse and do the WRONG thing sometimes instead of waiting it out? YEP. I eat treats when I don't need to, I miss a workout when I can easily get one in, I slack on water, my "doing the right thing" is a work in progress, just like my faith!

But as I grow, with each little stumble, I learn!! There is a lesson in every action and result. While we wait on the right result, we should be using that time to grow, to learn and to stock our toolbox for the next BIG's on it's way!!

Whoo!! What a great week it's been, I am SO excited about doing the right thing and seeing the right result!! It's time to remember that we can be ROCK SOLID in our decisions!!
How about YOU, what are you waiting on??

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