Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Tracking

Is this week FLYING by or what?? I have so much going on and the days and weeks are just FLYING by! 

SO, for my road to a Figure Competition this spring, my coach is creating a personalized meal plan for me. 
Here is my confession: I NEEED it. Badly. Figure competition or not. 
I knew my eating was slacking lately. There are a million good reasons why that's so and only ONE reason that matters and that is, I have not made it a priority. PERIOD.  

FOOD Tracking
So, I am coming clean for you, because I had  to come clean on my food journal. My coach asked me to write out what I eat daily. I did it and then hung my head in shame. 

Here is what I sent coach T: 
What I ate this summer is different than now. :( Lately my new schedule is much busier and I often feel crunched for time. 

Examples of meals:

Breakfast: coffee and cream, sometimes a croissant or scone on a bad day OR oats on a good day, 3 eggs and 3 chicken sausages on a really good day

snack: protein shake or oats or some kind of protein bar (ick, processed)

Lunch: Spinach salad with chicken breast OR oats or roasted veggies and quinoa.

Snack: almonds, dried fruit, protein bar

Supper gets tough at work: A single chicken breast, and veggies of some kind if I can, deli food from the co-op, or a salad from Subway

Late night: Maybe fruit and nuts with chocolate chips, OR ice cream like Arctic Zero or coconut bliss etc. OR I will eat oats or eggs for a late snack, often it's BEFORE the chocolaty snack. 


What does food tracking do? 
~ It makes you face what you know, don't want to see, or admit.
~ It helps you see problem areas
~ It helps you see problem times and where these problems are associated with emotions or stress...
~ It keeps you accountable
~ It keeps you honest
~ It helps you take aim and be the
version of you, that you want to be.

I am not perfect! I love clean eating, I fall short, I restart, I do well, I breakdown, I start over again. It's all GOOD. All a process. Writing down what I have been prone to eat lately has done all of this for me.

Next step, get my body fat done at the gym. I haven't tracked it since 9-26-11 and since I am getting down and dirty in my starting, restarting place, I may as go all the way. After all the only way out is through and the only direction to go is UP!!

Do you track your food? Are you honest? Do you share with others on your blog or have a friend who is there for you?? 
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