Friday, December 16, 2011

Fitness Foundation & Whey Review!!

This week I was DETERMINED to get some good cardio into my routine and getting cardio in felt like WORK. for some reason (ahem, ahem) cardio lately has felt REALLY hard mentally to step back into. I think I may have been a little burned out from my last Marathon. BUT, I asked for encouragement on Facebook and my friends delivered with words of encouragement and lots of great advice! 

Yesterday  I went for a run and it was HARD, fast and good. Seriously, it was 30 degrees and partly sunny, why wouldn't you put on that pink camo hat and run??  Although I felt great, I felt as if I am starting from much farther back in my progress than if I had been diligent about keeping up the level of running I was at after my last Marathon. 

Building The Foundation
Like any successful, program, routine or relationship, our workouts need a strong foundation! Rest, water, fuel, good food and some solid weeks under our belt of being consistent really help us build a foundation for our fitness and for me, getting my running back into shape. 

If we don't build a solid foundation, we are asking for trouble: Injury, failure, burnout, set back instead of success! 

The importance of a foundation in SO many area's of life is hitting home lately. We can't build a career without knowledge and understanding, we can't build relationships if getting to know the person is stalled, we can't be certain of our faith unless we are focused on an unchanging loving God.   

We create enough concerns in our own lives and enough problems that stem from not having a solid foundation that I think we take for granted the foundation in our fitness: 

Here are some pointers to your 
Fitness Foundation: 
  • Build up: lift light, moderate to heavy! We want to aim for heavy lifts, but need to create a foundation first! 
  • Core and balance: focus each day on a few core (abdominal and low back exercises) 
  • Build your walking and running up to a mileage, or time that you desire. On the way, throw in some incline work to build endurance
  • Always properly fuel and hydrate before and after workouts. This will build a firm foundation for the next time you hit the gym.
  • Balance your favorite workouts with cross-training: Run, bike, swim, stretch, lift and Rest!! 
  • ALWAYS research what you are doing, ask for help with form and technique, avoid injury by taking time to LEARN how to properly lift, run, stretch, swing etc... build that foundation so you CAN GROW and become stronger safely!! 

 Have you ever got burned out on one thing or one exercise like I did on running? 


On my plate for review today is the Whey Protein! The winner of the giveaway gets chocolate, but I was given vanilla to try and review! I love it, it mixes well and tastes great.  

This brand specifically helps with protein retention and uses NitroZyme to help breakdown long and short chain amino acids into more readily absorbing amino acids...power packed! 

  • High biological value (BV) protein*
  • Advanced cross flow micro-filtration and ion exchange process
  • Very low in fat (1 gram per serving)
  • Fortified with 1 gram of L-Glutamine per serving
  • Mixes instantly
  • Great tasting
  • No Aspartame
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors

Thanks again to BodyBuilding dot com for the amazing goods gifted to me to review and for the GREAT giveaway!! You have till FIVE PM today to enter!! Remember good nutrition, diet and proper fueling with supplements like these are the best way to build your fitness foundation!! Start small and STAY STRONG during your journey!! 

HAPPY FRIDAY, have an amazing weekend!!

The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness ~Thoreau

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