Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend of workouts!

First of all, happy MONDAY! 
Second, congrats to ANN from 12 in Twelve on winning the BodyBuilding dot com giveaway!! 

Congrats Ann, drop me an email! 

SOO, It was a weekend of workouts! 
It felt so good, I loved it. Friday night, Mack came to the gym to get started on his lifting routine, I am putting together a few things for him to do! Super pumped, but we were super tired too, shortly after we went on a trek for the perfect Christmas gift!! It was SO worth it to drive a short 40 min with MACK to pick it up! Have you ever driven a long way to get the PERFECT thing? 

Mack, tired after Chest and triceps

Saturday we made the BEST Fried Egg Sammies: 
Fried Eggs, bacon, onions, avocado, tomato and spinach...they were a work of ART and about as big as our heads!! 


Look at all that green! I just love elaborate sammies and this one is SO good! Anytime I have the chance to add avocado to a sandwich I will! SO good!! 

A Fun Four Miles
Mack took me on his fave four mile route that he runs, right by a lake as well, but not one of my lakes. It was a nice run, it was SO warm this weekend, 45's in Minnesota in December, that's practically against the law! It was a WINNING run though, a nice urban challenge!

Will he catch me??? 

THEN we had a holiday party to go to!! I had a little blue dress I was dying to wear, it was from forever 21 and I LOVE it!! It was a party with all my amazing co-workers! We had an awesome time and even played the Wii Sports for a while, I am NOT a big video game fan, but do love the Wii. I'm not good, but I love it. Do you use your Wii for the games or for working out as well?? I have heard really good things about it and know a few friends that use it in place of video's and such for in home! 

OFF to the gym for me, it's teaching class, training clients and getting my own workout in today!! Only 18 weeks till my first figure SHOW!! I am stepping up the game plan this week!! I will keep you updated!!  

What are YOU doing today to be ALL ready for the holidays?? 

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