Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Try again, Fail Again, Fail Better

My, my, my Christmas week. 
I am ALMOST ready: 

pink disco hat-check! 
gifts wrapped-check! 
plans to meet Mack's family-check!
Christmas music enjoyed-check!

White, Minnesota Christmas...er... maybe not...  
I will get back to you on that one!

Speaking of AMAZING Christmas music, check out Annie Lennox rock out glad tidings of Jesus our savior here:

Try again, Fail Again, Fail Better
I am NOT perfect, the blog is a nice accountability tool, but really, lets face it, anyone who has a blog or reads blogs, knows that very rarely does EVERYTHING make its way onto these pages for your eyes to see. If it did, I would confess I may have stayed up too late answering emails and eating my body weight in chocolate chips and marshmallows. How long REALLY would I inspire people if I wasn't aiming as high as I could and not settling for less than my BEST? I can't ask my clients and even people doing my challenges I run to do their best, if I won't put my best effort in. So, I TRY again, this time, not aiming to fail, but just to be better! 

Ce la vie.  

INSTEAD: I am focused on my successes!! I have been lifting towards my goal of my first figure competition which is in March and eating about 70% CLEAN, so I have a little work to do!  Lifting to build muscle and working on eating as clean as possible aiming for a lean figure competition ready body, less than 18 weeks to go!! 

Body Fat percentages: I am up! 
One slight error that I made was NOT keeping my BF in check, or having it checked regularly!! I was doing it every month or three weeks from May right up until September, 26th to be exact! Then, a week later, I ran my marathon and didn't check my body fat again or even run on a regular basis again till....well this past Saturday. GULP. OK, Cool. 

So after work, I asked a co-worker to "pinch" me with the body fat calipers! 
I was up three pounds, and my pinches showed I was up about 2.24 percent from when I was pinched in September. Still at that time I was knee deep in marathon training and eating as clean as ever.  

Overall I went from 25.2% Body fat, in May of 2011 to 13.96% body fat in September and up to 16.20 this past week. Most of the percentages were measured with a hand held machine, but the last 2 were measured with a caliper, which is more accurate!  I am not worried about those few percentage points, I am working hard to gain muscle and am aiming to add about 7-9 pounds of lean body weight before I really start to lean out for the show! Just like losing you can aim to gain 1 pound of muscle per week. As I sit right now, my lean mass is at 103 pounds, so I have some work to do. The way to check that? Get pinched weekly! EEK! 

I have my meal plan from Coach T, of what to eat and when, I have her email support, I have my support system in place, I have 3 pounds of chicken breasts in the house and my blog to keep me on track... speaking of, I will be doing a week of food blogging come the new year, just like I did in 2010! For your fun and for my accountability!! HERE we GO!! 

This is what a figure suit looks like, I REALLY love these colors and think I will get something similar!! 
Have you ever thought of doing a show like this? What is your biggest concern?? 

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