Thursday, December 22, 2011

Difficult and EASY

Happy Thursday!!
This will be the last post for the week, save for ONE recipe tomorrow! I am doing all kinds of family, Christmas happiness with Mack's family, YAY!

This week I have done really well with all my goals, including killer workouts and eating clean!! I really tightened up the reigns and am staying focused and on track!! Is it easy?? NO WAY, but it's going to be worth it...of that I am certain!

Bicep day...working as hard as I can!

My co-worker Landon trained me yesterday...shoulders just DEAD.
Love that feeling! We utilized resistance bands to add a challenge with my shoulders that I am not used to! WOW, nothing is more humbling than being taken OUT by a little red resistance band!

 I also had a "healthy pizza" with MACK Wednesday too, I counted it as my "Cheat meal" for the week, it was DE-lish!! I am feeling awesome about my little goals and little actions that I push through daily. It's all the little things that we do that create a lifestyle!!  ALSO, on that note, I am so proud of all my Reverse Resolutions Challenge girls, keeping up with their emails to me, keeping their eye on the prize and on the goal, WAY TO GO!!!

Which came first: Difficult and Easy

All things are Difficult before they are easy. I believe this is very true. Even if what is difficult is simply overcoming the roadblock in our head to START what we know we need to start, to JUMP in, to BE BRAVE, to DO. Often, after we are in the middle of that dreaded THING, we find that the THING itself is not as difficult as we imagined, but the process of getting there was.

Teaching your first group fitness class--getting over that fear of people and finding that you are a natural in front of them, is an example. Starting that hard conversation that needs to be had, and you find the person feels the same, a sigh of relief! Walking into the gym for the first time, that weight watchers meeting, that 12 step meeting for the first time--difficult at first, then you find that most everyone is just like us...afraid to start, afraid of the DIFFICULT things in life.

Of course some things in life are difficult when we get into them, but those are things we can get through, overcome and use as stepping stones and then be equipped to help others!! Using all the difficult things in our lives as learning experiences and putting them in our toolbox to help others on their path is the BEST way to make use of difficulty!  Not that I ENJOY difficult things, but over the past four years of my life: stepping into sobriety, getting emotionally healthy, changing careers, learning where my value comes from, learning what true love looks like, all a VERY amazing lessons, all VERY difficult and all PRICELESS to have in my tool box. Yes, now being sober is easy, embracing my value in Christ my King is second nature, being a trainer feel like I was BORN to do it. Not at first, but after that season of difficulty, things became "easier", lessons tucked securely away for when someone else needs them.

Thank you!
To all my amazing clients for a great year, a wonderful experience! It's so rewarding to share in your joys and successes!! One client gave me a desk calendar called Paths To God--it's FULL color and so beautiful, much needed to, as keeping up with my busy days is often a bit of a challenge!

It is SO nice and such a sweet gesture!!
I can't WAIT to use it starting January one and use it all the way through this coming year! I just know 2012 will be FILLED with fantastic experiences and BLESSINGS from God, much bigger than I every anticipated, it's so totes how our heavenly Father works!!

What is the MOST difficult challenge you have
faced and found blessing on the other side?
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