Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Prep & Christmas Gifts

I am EXCITED for a new year. 
I am excited for new goals. 
New paths. 
New callings. 
Don't feel like things are NEW with YOU?? 
Ask me about how to change that... in the meantime....

We can all do SOMETHING. So DO. 

Food Prep: 
I rocked out food prep this week! I went out and bought little Target containers for single meal servings so that when I cook chicken or turkey etc, I will do it ALL at once and fill the containers! That way, in the morning I can just grab 2 and have half my food ready!! It's something I used to do often, got away from and am finding that I need to reinstate!! Oh so colorful!! 

Why prep food? 
  • Helps you keep portions in control
  • No guess work, grab, go, eat
  • No downtime where you get hungry and grab unhealthy options
  • you can PLAN your colorful meals with veggies and fruit
  • helps you stick to whatever eating plan you are ok
  • You will be prepared to refuel after that workout or run!
  • When your prepped, you work better, feel better, keep your energy up, think better... 
ON TRACK eating= on track living! 

MACK got me the BEST Christmas gifts!! A SWEET pair of lifting gloves from Femme Fitale Fitness!! They are amazing, I love them! They are nice and thick, black leather palms and very fitted, comfy and smokin' HOT. Mine are camo and pink with CRYSTALS!! BOOM!  

What was your fave Christmas Gift this year? 

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