Thursday, March 29, 2012

CHANGE: 2 days out

Wow, Fit this, girl is MIA girl! Well, with good reason, I am knee deep in wedding plans and TWO days out from my first figure show!! I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, scared and hopeful, all rolled into one!! It's going to be amazing, I am CONFIDENT that I am going to ROCK it out and have fun. All these months of work and prep will really pay off, I know it!! As long as I am smiling on that stage!! 

Here is my suit, not yet blinged out, taken on 3/19. Since then, my coach as been sending me diet changes, I am amazed at the changes Figure competitors go through and make to their nutrition as to get their bodies to respond a certain way. It's been the biggest challenge for certain! 

March 19th 

With BLING!! 

March 27th

Here I am on 3/27, day three of my diet where I am "depleting", 4 days from the show. My muscles look a little "flat here" because of the nutrition plan that my coach created will deplete my muscles of glycogen and then pump them full of clean carbs the last 2 days which pumps the muscles up! A whole new world to me...lucky for me MACK bought me all these amazing flavors of dessert gum from Extra. I LOVE them, they are an amazing treat!! 


If you want to see change you have to MAKE change! Want a different outcome, DO something different! 

So many people do the same things over and over expecting to see a different result: nutrition, workouts, unhealthy habits, wrong thinking! NEW and different is the name of the game! Add in jump training, lift some weights, skip the sugary breakfast, have a protein shake, read a bible verse, join a recovery group, call someone for support.... 

When we face a crisis of choice or one is created by our habits and lifestyle that has led us here, we WILL be pressed into change. Crisis creates change--I mean, what has caused you to make some of your biggest changes? A crisis, a decision, a fork in the road, even if just internal. 

When we want different outcomes we need to DO different, train different, eat different, THINK different. Day in and day out I hear people talk about what they WISH they saw on the scale, with their body, with their habits and I ask "What have you changed?" Their response often is: ZERO.  You can't expect to see change if you won't step forward, face the crisis, put down the cake and MAKE change.  

Change and you will be changed, DO and you will see results, face the hard thing, make the hard choice, turn the crisis into a VICTORY and celebrate that victory before you ever see the outcome will alter everything! 

What victory are you celebrating? What change are YOU making? 

Friday, March 23, 2012


I have experience with substance abuse. 
I was a heavy drinker
I was a heavy smoker 
I was a heavy eater. 

People talk about food as IF it were an addiction...well guess what? 
It can be. 

We use food, all of us. 
We use it to feel good, we use it to celebrate, to drown our sorrows in, to fill a VOID, to forget our day, because our friends are doing it, because we CRAVE it, because we NEED it, we need to feel better, to get that rush, that sweet taste, that DELICIOUS moment-- Sound familiar? If you have ever struggled with addiction or substance abuse, I am sure it does.

Sure we know about the people who struggle with diagnosed disordered eating. Something changes with them and they are no longer in control of their food desires and habits. I am NOT at all supposing to know what a true and diagnosed disordered eating habit is like, but I do know what it's like to abuse food, just like all the other substances I struggled with. There are so many extreme cases, but I am focusing on the non extreme use of food in an unhealthy way....everyone does it, but at what cost? 

What it looks Like:
It looks like your basic everyday meals. Treats. Dinners out. Birthday cakes, DIETS, even obsessively counting points or calories, trying countless fad diets. Some peoples addiction to food is an over control of it, an over restriction of it, diminishing calories in the hopes and addiction to be in control and lose weight. It goes both ways! 
But when we pull back a layer it looks much different. What are we CRAVING? 
Stop and think about what you crave when you reach for that tempting treat. Are you sad, lonely, scared, stressed? What is it you are really after? 

For me much of it was about being in control. As Ironic as it was, when I ate and drank I felt like I was in control even if in reality, my actions were OUT of control and creating situations where I was moving more away from what I really wanted and more out of control than before. It was an ILLUSION. I craved attention, so I drank to be the life of the party. 
I craved comfort, so I ate to be full... for a while. 
I craved a high, so food was my drug. 
I craved LOVE and the feelings I got for a bit when I used my substances made me feel good, then caused me to crash down lower than before.
I had negative attention, false comfort, a BIG sugar DOWN and no love for myself and drove the love of others away. 

What to do about it: 
The hard thing about food as substance abuse is that we need food to live. We have to eat, take in calories, be nourished. We want to enjoy food, enjoy our lives, not feel deprived and strike a healthy balance. 

When you CRAVE something, anything--be it junk or not--stop and think about what you FEEL at that moment, what you are really craving. Is it that cookie or is it something else. Address the craving, the true craving. Then evaluate the worth of the craving vs. the wage of the craving. If you have it, will you feel bad, will you stray from your goals, will you regret it? Or is it something you can do in moderation, enjoy a few bites of, do once a week and pass up other days? Don't give away your control to your cravings--they are emotionally based like any other feeling, we are in control of them. I found that I was craving a spiritual connection: a hunger that only Christ could fill. After all the bible says that he is the bread of life and living water. What better analogy to use when a relationship with our maker is what we are craving behind all the behaviors taking over. 

Don't excuse your behavior either. If you want something and it's worth it, have it. If you are overeating, don't say you "can't stop" unless you try. We don't want to string excuses together like popcorn so we can indulge in our vice, be it over eating or under eating for control! 

Journal how you feel, join a support group, treat your relationship with food like you would any other substance and examine your basis of relationship. We all use food, but we don't all have to use it to hide, control or bury other things we need to deal with. Use food for fuel, enjoyment etc, as long as we know our motives and what drives us is from a healthy place and not something that we are feeling powerless over or that is controlling us. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Word & Weight: Seated Row


Jeremiah 1:5--  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
   before you were born I set you apart;" 
 Don't be afraid to be SET apart for God! I always knew I was different, but always wanted to fit in. Well, I fit in God's plan perfectly, but am called to stand up, stand out and be set apart!

That should be in our faith and in our relationship with God. We want to please him, seek him and work to our fullest for HIS glory. Often times that will cause us to stand out, and look different, but that's because we ARE different! Not just in our faith walk, but also in ALL we do-- we are unique, called to be who we are and to fulfill the purpose that only we can fill in God's master plan. 

Don't be afraid to stand out, be different, think different, talk different and ACT different. Work harder than others, bring your own food, set your goals higher than most,  hold yourself to a standard that is above and beyond, love those who are unlovable, be overly kind to people undeserving (aren't we ALL?) and make Jesus and his great love FAMOUS at the cost of blending in and being comfortable.  

Seated Row

I love working my back! Here is a shot from 3/17 of the back of my nearly finished SUIT!! 
WOW, less than 2 weeks till the stage. Thanks so much to MACK for reminding me too, that this is my first show, not my last. I have a long way to go and a lot more to learn, but time to do it! 

Regular Row--release hips forward slightly and pull back, shoulders down, squeezing shoulder blades together and pausing slightly at the back of the motion. You should end with your body upright or just slightly back, but not leaving back to that 45 degrees. This way you keep the motion in your back, arms, shoulders and will get the full benefit of the motion. I like to use the momentum in my legs a little to pull more weight and release SLOWLY forward. 

Single arm row: extend arm fully and with a slight rotation, pull from palm down to palm facing your body to get that bicep action as well. Tighten your abdominals, pause for that slight burn and squeeze those shoulder blades at the top of the motion! 

Under handed Row: For even more bicep activation use a straight handle or lat handle and an underhand grip, pull straight back, elbows and arms coming straight back, close to your body. The bar should be hitting mid-torso with your shoulders down and back straight!  

A great move for back and biceps and when done nice and slow on the release, excellent engagement of the abs and a great burn! One of my FAVES!!! 

Have an amazing Day!!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fruit & Spring

Happy first day of SPRING!

I am going to enjoy the beautiful day with a nice walk and relax!! 
Spring is the BEST time to eat some of the BEST fruit, and in life, we all yield fruit, but what kind is the question: 


These are all some of my favorite fruits that we yield in life. HOW do we yield fruit you may ask? I am a person not a tree. But we plant seeds everyday. We plant seeds in our minds with all we read, see and hear. We plant seeds in our hearts with what we believe, what we accept to be true and what we meditate on. And we plant seeds all around us in others whether we know it or not. 

Want JOY? Plant seeds of joy. 
Want results? Plant seeds of hard work. 
Want LOVE in your life? Show love to someone else. 

Want discipline? Plant what you want to harvest. Water it, watch it grow. Want something? Plant it, cultivate it, INTENTIONALLY so or you will never get what it is you seek! 
I LOVE Fruit, but these are my favorite fruits in life!!

 Discipline has been one for me that I have had to plant, water, put a fence around, fertilize and watch. If I can be disciplined in my faith walk and in my fitness and food--ANYONE can!! The real success is in the kitchen! Whether it's shedding pounds, wanting to see those abs come out, lowering blood pressure, having more energy, SO much of our success relies on our success in the kitchen and that is a hurdle of discipline. 

I am less than 2 weeks out from my first show and I am SO thankful to MACK for reminding me this is my first show, not my last. Its the start of my path, not my finish line! I am dialing into that discipline!! 

"All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness."
Hebrews 12:11

Yesterday I did a great back and biceps workout, I kept it SIMPLE and SLOW!!
Barbell curls: 
40# 12 reps
50# 10 reps 
60# 6 reps three sets (last few with assistance) 

Assisted pull up, narrow grip 25# assistance 10 reps 2 sets
10# assistance 8 reps

Hammer curl 12# 12 reps
15# 12 reps 2 sets

Lat Pull down 75# 10 reps 3 sets

1 arm seated row 45#
8 reps each arm 3 sets nice and slow for the burn..... 

 Happy Spring, gonna be sore tomorrow! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthdays & spray tans

Ok, so I had a birthday, I turned 36, oh, a week or so ago! It was a great few days FILLED with friends and family! I got my wedding dress altered with my bridesmaids, had dinner with MACK, his son and my mom and spent time with my Dad. I used to fret about birthdays, but not any more, the older I get the better I feel, so no fretting about racking up those years. The workouts I do are harder than one more year behind me, I would rather count the years AHEAD of me!  

18 days till I take the stage  
My first figure show is going to be behind me sooner than I know!! Below is my suit fabric, I am really happy about the choice, I know it will be beautiful. I decided to buy the suit and not rent one. I don't know just HOW many shows I will do, but I want to have my first suit be mine and keep it. Do any of you doing shows keep suits or sell?

Remember my BIG photo shoot? Well it was Saturday, I am going to post a FULL recap soon, but for now, here is a little teaser pic! Me in one outfit all ready to go, spray tan and all! Not too bad for 3 weeks out! Gotta make sure I keep lifting heavy and maintain for a bit longer!! 

The past TWO weeks, I have been very diligent with my clean eating EVEN When I was sick, which was a feat. MACK has been on a clean cooking kick and it's such a life saver when he brings me dinner or has dinner for me. Having a support system like that is essential to doing well in this sport of figure. One thing I have been craving is POPCORN!!! 

The other night, I had a little and while it was still HOT I sprinkled chocolate protein powder on it, something I read of course. It was JUST the little treat I needed, totally loved it. I added a dash of cinnamon too, but it didn't stick like the protein powder did. It kind of melted onto it, very good. I am sure you can use any kind of protein powder, or even nutritional yeast (which I haven't tried!) 

HAVE a GREAT week!! 

Monday, March 12, 2012


It never gets EASIER, 
you just get STRONGER. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


There is nothing worse than feeling sick! 
I was home sick from work, which is way different than being home sick from an office.
Canceling clients and having people rearrange their day...I try to avoid it, but I got struck hard!! I slept most of the day away, drinking a lot of water and tea and eating clean. Surprisingly easy: there WAS no junk in my house. 

When I am sick, I always want to eat, eat, eat and eat comfort food! For me, I go with toast and butter, LOTS, but I opted to just stick with my meal plan and eat the way I always do, it was the best thing for me! NO junk. NO off plan eating even when I am down with a cold! That was a total win for me. 

Down to Nothing
Do you ever feel like you are down to nothing, that all you are trying to do isn't working and isn't going to matter in the end anyway? DON'T give up!! You know, when you are down to nothing, God is up to something!!! 

Don't give up on that good nutrition or workout. So maybe you didn't do as well as you wanted, don't give up for that day, that's like dropping your phone on the ground and saying "oh well, I'll just step on it and smash it since I dropped it!" NO! Start over with every breath and with every moment!! 

When you feel you are down to nothing it's a chance to build what you WANT! Do you ever just want a chance to start from square ONE, a DO over? Then DO IT OVER! We decide when we get to recreate our path and our dreams, we change lanes, pick a new direction and declare "No where to go from here but UP!" 

So when you are down to nothing, never stay down, start over, pick a new direction, make it a COME BACK , not a SET BACK! I am feeling amazing today after much needed rest, water and sleep, ready to go out there and GET after it, coming around the corner of my come back yo, watch out....! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Audience of One

Nothing in life is perfect, we know that. 
RIGHT? Sometimes life reminds us pretty BOLDLY of that truth. There will never be a day where everything is exactly how it should be, life in order, goals all met, dishes done, laundry folded, toes painted, world peace etc. 

There are days when our slightest actions even can throw off everything. Someone misunderstands, someone judges, we say something it's taken wrong, whatever it goes wrong and we can't help it! That's where the Audience of ONE concept comes in. 

I LOVE it. MACK uses it all the time. 
Who are we accountable to? Ultimately God. 
When it LOOKS like we messed up, said the wrong thing, or the right thing was taken the wrong way, or a situation LOOKS to outsiders different than it really is, GOD sees our heart  and our intentions. 

words of wisdom from MACK, my sweet.

We can run around explaining, defending, standing up for what we did. 
This creates a dependency on others, WHY? We need them to understand, we need their approval, we need to look a certain way in front of them. Make the wrongs right. It can turn into people pleasing really fast and as much as I love people, we should look to please GOD FIRST. He knows our hearts, our intentions and will be our ultimate judge, so worrying about pleasing others before being honest with ourselves and GOD is  a waste. 


Same motto can hold true for your fitness and your workout routines! 
Audience of ONE: YOU. 
YOU know if 110% is hitting the gym floor
YOU know if you slack on your reps
YOU know if you slack on your good nutrition
YOU know if you aren't seeing results
 YOU know if what your doing isn't working
YOU know if you are true to your dreams
 YOU know if you are on the right path
SO don't cheat yourself, be accountable to YOU and move on with all you are doing! Be encouraged, when we MOVE, God moves with us and when we take that first step, things won't be perfect, but he will be there with us. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Biceps, PICS, Magazines, OH MY!

Happy Thursday!! 
I can't believe we are here already, this week is flying by!! 
Every little day, getting workouts in, eating within my meal plan and aiming HIGH!! 
I have 10 days till a photo shoot with a nationally published photographer!! I am THRILLED!! 

LHGFX Photography's recent work: 

WOW. I am blessed to be able to get a little time with them, I can't wait!! 

LIFTING: Biceps/Back

Hamming it up, biceps better be sore tomorrow! 

I have been working hard trying to really build my biceps and shoulders for my show, I KNOW there is a change, my shirts are fitting different and I am lifting heavier weights, gaining strength. Just last week I saw a blog post where I went from lifting 12's to 15's for bicep curls and yesterday I was pushing 25's around. Definitely gaining!! Here was my workout yesterday, I completed 3-4 rounds of each, I was moderate to heavy weights!

Dumbbell Curls 25#
Seated Row 100#

Narrow grip (underhand) Lat Pull down 85#
Wide Bent over row 60#

Hammer curl 20#
Assisted chin up machine 25# assistance 

AND, I better be sore!! 

I just love this quote!! We are called to be cheerful in ALL we do and we CAN when we know that Christ IN US is what that Joy is. His spirit in us IS our JOY, IS our kindness, IS our light. We don't have to TRY to do these things, when we yield to the spirit in us, HE is those things through us!! Thank goodness, I have enough trying, working and striving in the gym to last me, at least there is GRACE with God!! 

Kind of OLD news, BUT Awesome news nonetheless!! 

I was featured in SHAPE magazine as one of the most INSPIRING weight-loss bloggers and was up there with some heavy hitters! Honored, amazed and thrilled to be in the magazine at all!! Check out all of us, at the LINK above! 

What is YOUR fave weight-loss blog? 

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