Thursday, March 1, 2012

Biceps, PICS, Magazines, OH MY!

Happy Thursday!! 
I can't believe we are here already, this week is flying by!! 
Every little day, getting workouts in, eating within my meal plan and aiming HIGH!! 
I have 10 days till a photo shoot with a nationally published photographer!! I am THRILLED!! 

LHGFX Photography's recent work: 

WOW. I am blessed to be able to get a little time with them, I can't wait!! 

LIFTING: Biceps/Back

Hamming it up, biceps better be sore tomorrow! 

I have been working hard trying to really build my biceps and shoulders for my show, I KNOW there is a change, my shirts are fitting different and I am lifting heavier weights, gaining strength. Just last week I saw a blog post where I went from lifting 12's to 15's for bicep curls and yesterday I was pushing 25's around. Definitely gaining!! Here was my workout yesterday, I completed 3-4 rounds of each, I was moderate to heavy weights!

Dumbbell Curls 25#
Seated Row 100#

Narrow grip (underhand) Lat Pull down 85#
Wide Bent over row 60#

Hammer curl 20#
Assisted chin up machine 25# assistance 

AND, I better be sore!! 

I just love this quote!! We are called to be cheerful in ALL we do and we CAN when we know that Christ IN US is what that Joy is. His spirit in us IS our JOY, IS our kindness, IS our light. We don't have to TRY to do these things, when we yield to the spirit in us, HE is those things through us!! Thank goodness, I have enough trying, working and striving in the gym to last me, at least there is GRACE with God!! 

Kind of OLD news, BUT Awesome news nonetheless!! 

I was featured in SHAPE magazine as one of the most INSPIRING weight-loss bloggers and was up there with some heavy hitters! Honored, amazed and thrilled to be in the magazine at all!! Check out all of us, at the LINK above! 

What is YOUR fave weight-loss blog? 

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