Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to Back: Great North 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope your week is fantastic so far--remember we can choose JOY in all circumstances! Even when I choose to do my first two figure shows back to back! 
Yep, this weekend is my second show, it will put me three weeks between shows! What an experience! 

This weekend at the Mall of America is the Fitness America Great North and I am competing in Open Figure, which is by height. I am excited to get back up on stage and rock out my walk!! 

For the past three weeks, my diet has been good, clean and with simply more carbs than before my last show. My body and muscles respond very well to clean carbs! I look better, stronger and fuller (of course) but I kept them in my diet longer this time and am just this week starting to play with a few less carbs and water... 

It was a challenge to come off a competition I worked so hard for and think about doing another in just three weeks. I didn't stick to my base meal plan for that first week, I enjoyed a clean diet with some additional healthy foods added back in. I may not be as lean for this weekends competition, but I am fine with that, as I am still learning how my body responds to what I give it.  

I am really looking forward to the difference of federations as well, my first show (pictures above was National Physique Committee or NPC and for this weekend, the rules are different, the walk and poses different and it's a little more laid back. I will see which arena I like competing in after testing the waters of both! I DO know this, I was so happy on stage, at first a little nervous, but came out if it great and love competing... here's hoping the next few days of eating and water intake do the trick and I feel stage ready again! 

Tomorrow!! Don't forget to check out the Word & Weight feature! One of my FAVE moves coming up!! 

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Jin said...

You look fantastic!!!!

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