Thursday, May 31, 2012

100 Reps: 2 weeks

Hey!! How are your workouts this week?? Mine have been tough and GOOD!! 

Confession: After my last show, my workouts were a bit BLAH. 
I felt I wasn't sure what direction to go in, but love lifting and wanted to continue to move forward in building muscle! 

A co-worker told me what he was doing, a 100 rep workout for 2 weeks: 

Take 4 exercises that 
engage the same muscle 
Do 5 sets of 
5 repetitions

The point is to lift heavy, nearly heavy enough that you can only do the 5 reps, rotate through the 4 exercises, 5 sets and 5 reps quickly. It should only take 45 minutes, so you keep your heart rate racing and working hard= 100 fast, hard, heavy reps!

1 Hammer Curl 
2 Incline Curl 
3 concentration Curl 
4 Preacher Curl 

You can cycle through this all four exercises 5 times in a row OR do one set of hammer curls then crunch or plank or jump squat for 30 seconds to keep your heart rate up, then knock out the rest of the hammer curls/crunch set before moving on. Either way you end up doing 25 reps of each move, 100 reps total! I confess, it doesn't feel overly hard when you are done, sure it's hard to lift heavy in the moment, but that burn doesn't show up till the next day... be ready!

You are what you DECIDE to eat!! 
Everyday, I talk to people about what they eat. After a holiday weekend it's always filled with people who feel they did bad, they ate "off plan" or just plain gave in... Am I perfect? No way! I have my treat meals, I have my days where I fall short of what I want, but I don't fool myself into thinking I don't know why. Surprised at no results when there is no effort? Please! 

I went to a wedding this weekend, I had 2 cupcakes, I skipped the cheese and sour cream on my meal, I swapped out what I wanted for what I didn't need. Was the cupcake a good choice? Not the best, it certainly won't help me toward my goals, but it was a treat at a wedding. I chose it. I embraced it, I by NO MEANS blamed it or felt trapped by it, i didn't feel compelled to have it JUST because it was there. WE can choose what we eat! Never feel trapped on vacation, at a friends house, at a party, wedding or dinner out... you can ALWAYS choose good for you, take that power and own it. Stop making excuses!

We have 30 days from TODAY till I get to be bride myself and I am SO excited!! Going to the wedding this weekend really was a fun taste of our big day! Congrats to my friends Adam and Renee for your amazing day! Here is Me, Mack and a tired Mini Mack at the reception! This weekend is my 2nd bridal shower AND I get to see Joyce Meyer at the Minneapolis Target Center!! Such an amazing weekend ahead!  

Do you feel trapped by food or obligated to eat? What measures do you take to take control back or give control to God? 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Building muscle: 1 year back

I confess, I thought gaining muscle would be easier!
And actually, I thought that I had a nice start for gaining when I was through marathoning in 2011. I was running long and short distances consistently through 2010 and 2011 ending the year with TC marathon in October 2011. I thought I had a nice amount of muscle when really I had a LONG road ahead. It's not that running and gaining muscle are entirely opposing, but longer distances leave your body pulling needed nutrients from your muscles. Shorter distances do not... for muscle gain, there is a happy medium.

Marathon muscle:

December 2010, one day before Honolulu Marathon
(no heavy lifting, lots of running, not lean
check the belly out--NOT eating clean 20% BF roughly here but at goal weight..hmmm )

October 2011, Twin Cities Marathon
(Lifting heavy & eating clean since May 2011, tighter, a little more mass,
still working against the long running)

March 10th, 2012 LHGFX photoshoot
(No depletion yet, just lean and strong
14% BF eating clean lifting heavy since May 2011
little running since Oct 2011)

I can see a difference now,but it's a slow road... a little bigger, a little more definition in my upper body. The tummy is all diet. In the first picture, I was eating pretty much what I wanted, yes EVEN as a trainer and EVEN as a "success" story. I used my running as an excuse to eat what I wanted, I was trapped in that mindset that I could run off what I ate. I assumed my body was happy at it's weight. Once I introduced Clean eating- my body let go of 10 pounds, tightened up and metabolism took off. So... gaining muscle has as MUCH to do with eating, if not more, than it does with lifting.

Eat More.
Period. Eat more than you are now. Eat often. When you aim to gain muscle mass it means you'll be working harder than you are now. Proper fuel is really important. You can lift and work and will only get so far if you aren't fueled and don't properly replenish those stores in your muscles. Eating often will take your metabolism higher and you will burn fat more effeciently, revealing those great muscles underneath.

Eat whole foods! Your body runs on food, not plastic, not food broken down with additives and put back together in a different form. Whole food, real food. When we put premium gas in your car the whole thing runs better, we spend less time fixing it when we properly fuel it! Your body will burn more fat and calories breaking down and using real, whole foods than otherwise. 

Train your legs. I learned from the people at Metabolic Effect that when we spend time at the beginning of a workout training our legs with the big heavy lifts like Squats and Lunges that our body will release a little more human Growth Hormone and Testosterone into our blood stream. There for after we lift heavy with our legs, the muscles we work next will get that little extra help in the growth department. For a woman especially, every little bit helps! 

Be consistent. Keep going, a week, 6 weeks, 6 months down the line, you may feel like you haven't changed, but you HAVE!! I know I have... I can see small changes and small gains with every workout, every good meal, every day I do well with water, everyday I am "on track" to my goal. Changes are being made with every successful day you check off. 

PROOF: One year ago nearly exactly... I am down the 10 # from eating clean, but I have more lean muscle mass and they are more defined. #WIN.  Why? That's another blog post!

May 2011 running no "heavy" lifting yet, no clean eating and
(right) May 2012 ONE month post competition, lifting heavy eating clean

Also remember that food is your friend, REST is your friend, Water, protein and recovery, all part of the process, all on your side for you to use. You can't work hard and ignore your body's needs for recovery and still gain! It's a natural process to follow, but be patient!  Find what works good for you, what foods help you feel good and stay lean, what works well to recover and keep that pump going...experiment with different foods! 

It's easiest to gain muscle as you are losing body fat, but eating clean and staying at a lean healthy place while you gain is great--don't bulk up on junk to gain muscle. Going about it clean is a slower road, but you will get there!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Desserts spelled backwards?

I don't like to confess that I am stressed out, but sometimes we end up with too much on our plates. Stressed? Desserts? One is good in moderation, one is NOT! 

I believe that DEEP DOWN, my real me, that I am a joyful person. When I am stressed out...what does that look like? I think I am stating facts about what is getting to me, what I am facing or the things I have to do, but that turns into negative talk. I don't make time for the things I love, my lifting suffers, my blog sits dusty, my bible stares at me from the corner. Working out, work, wedding, projects etc... I don't want to forfeit my joy because my circumstances seem overwhelming, but it's happened to me before and someone pointed out to me it's happened again. 

Honestly its the worst time for it to happen too, summer is on the way, my wedding is 40 days away, why do I want to forfeit my joy at this time in my life, It's an AMAZING time, I am letting all that can be bringing me joy, bring me down! I don't want to look back and remember stress, I want to look back and remember joy!  Not happy with somethings in your life? 


... but I am called to be happy despite my circumstances. 

SO, what does the bible say about what I am facing and feeling? That is the real solution for me... see what the bible says, claim it, proclaim it!! I mean, all I was saying was how I had no time, how I was behind, had so much to do, I let negative thoughts come out my mouth and turn into confessions! 

NO! “We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ."

Ghandi said: "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." And I will not let my thoughts rule my world, I will take them captive, and compare them to the word of GOD and then decide if they stay or go! That is my goal this turn my negative thoughts into positive confessions... 

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed, losing your joy or finding you are being negative when really you are a positive person? What do you do to combat that?? 

Since my last blog post I have done some really FUN things!! 
We had our wedding cake tasting!! 

Me, MACK and Mini Mack at the cake tasting!! 

We tried four custom pieces and LOVED them, a hard, but delicious choice! We settled on Red Velvet with Raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting! 

I volunteered at the Anytime Fitness River RUN! Our gym put on and launched an amazing race, and all the trainers helped by setting up, handing out water etc, it was a good time and for a good cause, the money went to charity! 

We had our first annual Itasca County Campstravaganza, meaning we went up north and roughed it for about 36 hours! It was beautiful up north, MACK and Mini Mack love camping, thank goodness! We got some great pics of nature, this is one. :) 

LIfe is FULL & Fantastic and if we feel overwhelmed, we can clear our schedule for a while or a week or whatever! If we don't want to, we can chose to simply clear our minds of the negative thoughts and turn them all around into positive ones. Take every thought captive, chose thankfulness, take the attitude above the circumstances and be joyful DESPITE! It can be done--I am doing it! Have a great week!! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

You still have to shave your legs: Lessons in Photoshop

Happy Friday! 
Hope your week was great! I have really learned the lesson this week of allowing my routine and my schedule to be a blessing to others. How? Well if  I see upwards of eight clients in ONE day, those are 8 people I can bless or curse with my attitude, with how much I listen to them, if I am genuine. I want to chose to BLESS people and those who come across my path. If I choose I can have an impact on them, like no other person that day... THAT is huge and a huge lesson for me!! Gettin' after it!  

You still have to Shave your Legs: 
Lessons in Photoshop

We all have seen the magazine covers, ads etc where there is photo editing going on. Sometimes it's excessive, sometimes just little tweaking is done. I had my amazing photo shoot with LHGFX in Minneapolis in March and my finished photos are back!!! 

I wanted to show you guys that there was some tweaking done, but that in a few of these, I think my UNEDITED image/body looks the same and even a little better! 

Image 1, you can see that my muscles are that shaped and my abs ARE there in the unedited pic!! Score!! 
Here the photographer edited the color cropped the pic and ma have shaved a PINCH off my belly...maybe... can you tell? 
Either way, this is a great point of my phrase: YOU STILL HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS! You still have to do the work! Fitness models have to be on track with their diet, their workouts and their dedication to start with. The photo editing cleans up some of the "flaws" but won't make someone cut or ripped etc. I love this pic and the saying even more: 
STRONG BODIES start with the MIND.   

  Edited Picture     Unedited Picture

Here the editing is a little different. First of all, I said sure take my leg tattoo out... But the shorts were cut a little lower in the edits and my skin which is folding over on the right (CLICK TO ENLARGE THESE) is out. YES ladies, everyone has skin that folds over. 

 You can see my arms are the same (yay!!) and my abs too, but in the edits, they are smoother, my booty a PINCH rounder (that took a bit for me to notice)Skin tone is smoothed out and I believe my waist LOOKS leaner in the edit, because my booty was rounded!  Over all, there are edits, you can see them and they aren't TOO noticeable till you look at them side by side. 

  Edited Picture     Unedited Picture

Models aren't airbrushed into SHAPE, they are in shape to begin with. Sometimes they are shaped by the edits, a little off the side, a little off the bottom and back, but you can't make someone out of shape in shape. I feel like sometimes models or magazines get a lot of grief for what they do. Granted, I am talking about fitness, not JUST editing to make people appear younger or skin more even, or more beautiful... 

Do we not give models and fitness models enough credit for the lifestyle it takes to be that in shape?? 
Do we give media too much grief for a little touch up or do they EDIT TOO Much??   

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A few days off--a few OFF days

It's been a week and two days since my last competition, the FAP Great North, but it feels like it's been much longer!! Work is busy, busy and wedding planning is down to the nitty gritty details!! I am cherishing the details though, because as tedious as it seems now, I know it will be beautiful and elegant the day of. I am kind of a low maintenance, simple girl, so all I am planning seems elaborate, but it's just that every one decision, has 5 other things to do after it! Enjoying it, thinking about how pretty it will be, the pictures we will take, the coming together in our covenant and the CAKE!! 

Whew, speaking of. I have jumped back into normal clean eating, but had a few days "off" of that even. My few days OFF, really felt like OFF days. Now, I am ALL about treats and not depriving yourself, but I DID go a little overboard. 

Wedding Shower: 
I had my first wedding shower!! 
There were cupcakes. 
I had a few (not a couple, not a bunch, few.) 

But I am only a bride once, so I had my cake and ate it too! 
It was a blast, here I am with my sister and some of my nieces! 

I also had a church picnic on Sunday, where there were sweets, hamburgers, hot dogs (MY VICE!) and chips, I had a little of everything regular picnic style and knew as I was doing it, that it wasn't clean eating. I looked at the table of food and literally said "I am glad I am not in competition mode." WRONG attitude to have. 

Having treats and picnic food in moderation is OK, but thinking, "oh, I can splurge because I am not facing such and such a goal" is the wrong way to face post competition food. I still want to eat clean, healthy and for fat loss! I don't want to throw in the towel till I compete in the fall only to realize that instead of continuing to work hard, I would be at square one. 

There is no finish line. 
I have to remember that. 
This is a lifestyle, a journey, NOT a destination. 
So, I start over: Eggs, chicken, broccoli, quinoa today and yesterday, rolling through my clean eating motions even though I am still dreaming of those wedding shower cupcakes!! 

I am going to keep my weekly treat meal on the calendar, it seems to work for me. Clean 80-90% of the time and a day where I get to have a treat, be it meal or dessert I have been craving etc. I have little treats daily, a square of dark chocolate etc, but am going to eat as if I am in constant prep mode--always being ready! 

Chocolate Mousse: 
thanks to one of my teammates for the easiest chocolate mousse recipes around-- greek yogurt mixed with a table spoon of cocoa and a packet of sweetener (or squeeze of honey!) It hits the spot for a sweet treat! Serve with berries or top with tiny chips! What a day saver, clean and LEAN! 

Everyone deals with mental set backs, eating roadblocks, days or weekends where we don't do so great, but we get back in the saddle and start again! We  keep our eyes on the prize, the goal daily of treating ourselves well, doing what is best for our bodies and our souls, best for our health!! Aiming for that 80-20 for clean and lean living! 

What healthy clean treat do you cling to when climbing back in the saddle? 

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