Friday, January 6, 2012

Reverse Resolutions WINNER

This week has been amazing and I am looking forward to even more great days in the new year!! 

I am still working on my 2012 vision board, it is nearly done and I am going to be finishing it and posting over the weekend...some lofty goals there, but I am taking aim and hitting hard! 

It's a wrap! 
Remember when I was talking about tracking food? Well, I am officially on my meal plan for my spring figure show and one of the things I LOVE is taking a healthy pile of food and creating a Lettuce wrap out of it. I am all about neat little pockets and rolls of food...the organizational lover in me wants to keep it all contained nice and neat!! 

SO, I took seasoned Ground Chicken, sweet potato, red peppers and pico de gallo and wrapped it up in a HUGE lettuce leaf!! It's low cal, healthy, hearty and not too messy. 

New Fave seasoning? Salt Free, Garlic and herb from McCormicks...simple and delish!! 

2011 Reverse Resolution Challenge Winner 

For the last 60 days, over 40-yes, FORTY women took part, aiming for goals they set and they rocked it out! MANY of them achieved great goals, more of them maintained and kept up healthy habits during a really challenging time of the year for stress, overeating and busy schedules.  ALL OF them deserve a HUGE congratulations for stepping up, accepting the challenge and putting their health and goals in the forefront of the holiday season!! 

We were determined NOT to let the holidays take a toll on OUR goal!! 

Thanks a TON Chobani and Bodycology for sponsoring the challenge, I couldn't have asked for a BETTER prize pack for a pampered and healthy new year! NOW, on to the winner:

Tina was chosen using from a spreadsheet of 43 entrants. 
Please email me for prize pack below:

1) Bodycology NEW Island Coconut gift set: 
 PERFECT post workout pampering set of body wash and body splash in their NEW Island Coconut fragrance!

2) A case of mixed flavors of Chobani yogurt!! 
I don't need to tell you how essential high protein foods are to keep us full and fit! This amazing yogurt is the perfect prize!

3) A 1 year subscription to Oxygen Magazine. 
I LOVE oxygen, and I am personally going to send the winner a one year subscription to this fantastic publication!

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