Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AIM high, be stronger, aggressive goals

Sometimes I get a little extreme. 
I call it driven, purpose, discipline. 
Mine is different than others...we are all different. 

If you have been reading a while, you know I LOVE lifting and I love HARD things that challenge me. 

If you have been reading a while, you also know that I am training for my first figure competition. They are no joke: Learning how to walk in 5 inch heels just SO across a stage, posed, facing judges, looking natural, graceful and having spent months gaining muscle and eating clean to look your best. I have a nice start, but my show is 11 weeks away and I am upping my game!! 

  • Gain 4# lean body mass
  • Follow my training programs as CLOSE as I can
  • 2 spring shows (March, April)
  • Place in Top three of my class 
  • Do my VERY best in training and in show

Aggressive? Sure it is! 
But why go after something if not to do your BEST? 
MACK told me last night that we aim for where we want to be, WAYYY up high and if we fall short, we are just that much closer to where we want to be. I love that I have a man who is aiming high. Every time we aim high, and keep aiming, we get stronger. Every time we lift and we feel weak, we get stronger, every time we face fears, get honest or do the HARD thing, we get stronger. Life is not about being perfect or pretty or skinny, it's about doing our best, and getting STRONGER.

Why aim high? 
Because for me, I am doing my best to the Glory of God. Sure I have goals and I have things I want, but most I want to point people to him. I want them to see him through my journey, through my drive, through my discipline. HE is the one who gives those things to me, so It's natural that they should reflect back on to him and show others how GREAT and AWESOME Jesus is!! 

Why do you aim high? What is the most aggressive goal you have gone after? 

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