Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interval training

Interval training is the BEST way to blast fat, get fit and see results fast! 

This is what most people want! Blast fat, tighten and gain muscle and in and out of the gym. 
Don't be scared away by the phrase High Intensity Interval Training, it simply means you are moving from a high intensity segment of time to a low to moderate intensity. 

You don't have to run, you don't have to sprint even, it's all high intensity, depending on where your base level is. The better you get at it the higher the high part is, but you increase it with your own strength and speed increase. Start where you are and work your way up!  It takes a fraction of the time normal cardio workouts do, its more effective AND it won't deplete the muscle mass you have worked so hard to gain! Win, win training technique. 

I train intervals in a number of ways: 
incline to flat surfaces
motion to plyo
speed at high intensity to moderate
 You can use: 
A treadmill
A bike
An eliptical
your backyard
the Track...the possibilities are endless! 

Run, sprint, skip, bound, jump, leap and Go as HARD as you can! 
110% is required! 

After a walk on the treadmill, using incline intervals and plyometric jumps in between for some HIIT! Most effective is a high intensity interval of :30 seconds followed by a 60 -90 second rest, or you can do a 45 second HII followed by a 60-120 second rest. Be sure you are taking adequate rest between. As our heart and lungs recover faster, we can progress up and work harder and rest shorter, creating a more intense work out. 


I got a little food scale, just to get serious about how much I am eating, if the chicken I am having is really 4 ounces etc... I like it so far, it's simple and it's easy to use and to clean. It was under 10 dollars, so it was a great deal.  I don't need a ton of accountability, but anyone can up their portions without realizing, so I wanted that extra help! 

Do you weigh your food or use a food scale? For what and does it help? 

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