Friday, January 20, 2012

Where does Can't live?

It's a four letter word. 

I have used it, been guilty, sure. But Can't isn't really where we think it is. It isn't in our vocabulary, in our language, in our words, it's in our head FIRST.

It LURKS, waiting to come out when you REALLY want something. 
When you REALLY are going to go the extra mile. 
When you are REALLY trying your hardest to do something new. 

Then it leaps, out from under that bridge between your heart and your head like some kind of angry little troll to jump up and down between what you thought you were going to do and what you THINK you can do. 

Can't lives in your head. Don't let it out. Close the windows and pull the shades. 
Starve it out. No food, no water, no sunlight and it won't last very long. 

Keep it lock up and don't let it slip. 
You know that saying: Be careful what you think about because your thoughts become your words, and your words become you actions and your actions become your habits and behaviors. Well, we don't want to DO can't! 

Somethings may be out of reach, but we can do part of the task, move forward a little. Maybe we are moving towards something that is JUST out of reach, maybe we FEEL like we aren't able to do ALL of what we want, but we can do some.

I hear people say, well I can't workout. 
I can't eat healthy. 
I can't make changes that stick.
I can't quit eating cookies. 
I can't stop being negative. 

But you CAN.  

It's Possible. 

You take one small action and make the change: 

You can drink a glass of water every hour, it may be hard, but you can aim for it.

You eat a side of veggies ( don't like them? SO WHAT! You can still do it..)

You can take the stairs--it's not a 5 k or a marathon, but it's something! 

Don't let CAN'T slip out and become a regular in your vocabulary when there are plenty of CANS that you CAN do. The more you see as options in your life verses restrictions, despite what you FEEL, the more success you will find. 

CAN'T only lives in our head--don't let it out! Take charge of your words and aim for the POSSIBLE! 

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