Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeing gains: 9 weeks out from SHOW

Just as a little FYI to my faithful readers, life has taken some busy turns, so I am sorry if I have been MIA on the blog, I will be here a few times a week, but connect with me on Facebook to hear from me everyday

1.4 pounds of lean body weight. 

Bicep day on Saturday with an amazing "pump" going on! 

Gaining lean body weight is a challenge. 
I have take the cardio WAY down, down to teaching spin one night a week and maybe a walk or sometime on the stair stepper if I have a chance. My coach told me to save the cardio for the last 3 weeks or month. Gaining lean weight involves eating clean and lean and working hard in the gym to lift heavy, heavier than usual. Often when we have ample body fat to trade and convert to mass, it happens faster, for me it's been a practice in eating enough of the right foods, focusing on the lifting and obeying my coach. I have just about 9 weeks till the show and am looking forward to even MORE lean mass and changes in my body! 

TREAT meals:
My metabolism is really high right now, I am hungry about every two hours and eating lean and clean when I am eating! You will be happy to know the regular bars and energy drinks are now well out the door and I am embracing fully the clean eats again. Every week I am indulging in treat meals. My coach and most other figure women and even just people striving to "eat clean" use the CHEAT meal to not lose their mind and to aid their metabolism a pinch with some good ole fashioned food! I am choosing to call the CHEAT meals, TREAT meals! Gotta love that I paired my pizza on Sunday with a big Kale Salad!! 

ENJOYING our moments: 
Sometimes I find myself struggling to enjoy all the "moments" of my day. Struggling to be present in what I am experiencing and to savor that without mentally moving on to the next.

HOW DO YOU enjoy the moments of your day FULLY??

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