Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under Construction

Your road to success 
should always be under construction.

I do feel like I am always under construction. 
Working out, little by little seeing results. 
Sacrifice, small gains, mini victories. But you know what? 
These lead to BIG wins. 

Our road to success will surely always have ups and downs, learning experiences and construction spots that leave us stranded a while or detouring when we simply want to move ahead.

I did NOT always have the physique I have now! 
Before and After:  

I was 30 pounds over weight
I met my weight watchers goal weight
I gained nearly 10 pounds back 
I came BACK down to my goal weight
I got lean from running and lifting
I couldn't (WOULDN'T ) give up donuts
I became a personal trainer
I was a fit trainer who had processed food pudge around the middle
Then I lost 10 more pounds through CLEAN eating. 
Now I am training for my first Figure Competition in March... 

All of this over SEVEN YEARS...that's a long road. 
That's not a STRAIGHT path. 
There is STILL a lot of construction along the way, a lot of resetting and a lot of starting over. 

Here is a picture yesterday from my posing session with my coach. Remembering and holding these poses is a challenge for certain! And when I look at these pics, I really see just how far I have to go till my show. 

It's on March 31st. 
It's not far and I DO feel like I am on a road filled with construction. 

But I KNOW, I have FAITH and am confident that as I step things out, stick to my plans and work hard, I WILL see the right results.  I may FEEL like I am in the middle of that tangled mess of the arrow of success, but I know the other side is where I am going to end up. Being on a road to success filled with construction is the ONLY way to do it anyway, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

It's just like the Bible says in  1 Peter we are being refined like Gold, put through the fire to find perfection in our faith. And this road filled with construction is part of that refining, we can't be at the end because we are not ready yet, but are being molded and refined for that perfect end result! 

What is your road of construction? 
Do you see your success on the horizon? 

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