Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeing Struggles, seeing change!

A friend posted on Facebook this week about sadness and honesty. Here is what they wrote:

Most days, I want to post something inspirational or uplifting. But then there are days where I just want to weep. Do we keep all those feelings secret? Do we keep them off the Internet? When we do, does it help others? Or doesn't make them feel more alone when they, too, get sad?

I thought about this for quite a while. 
DO we all keep those feelings secret? NO. We all have those feelings and we do not always keep them secret. Do we keep them off the internet? I think sometimes I do. I don't often post about my struggles, I don't always post about my trials. There are people who see them though, people who know. We know life, we know struggles. We know sadness, even the uplifting, motivating JOY filled Christian can experience sadness. But we know too that JOY comes in the morning, sadness is circumstantial and does not last! 

When I see struggles, I am encouraged. Well, not right away. It takes a little dab of "pull myself up by the bootstraps" but I come around. Struggle can indicate progress, it can indicate growth, it can indicate we are going in the right direction. What keeps us MOVING that way is our WILL. Muhammad Ali said "The will must be stronger than the skill."  

My struggles are different than yours. 
I can't keep ice cream in my house, apparently I can't keep chocolate chips either, so little treats for me, I have to go and get one at a time in single serving sizes. Struggles? Yep, not the same as yours, not better, not worse, just different. With every struggle, I have a chance to make change, to grow and to learn. 

And if I fall? Get back up. That is all. There is no staying down, next time then it will be easier, but until then, bootstraps a-grabbing, up I go. Not just me though, but Christ in me. HE is my strength, he is my provider, so I go to him when I fall. 

I am 8.5 weeks out from my first show and I am seeing some struggles. 
I am 8.5 weeks out from my first show and I am seeing change also. 
Little by little, with every workout, with every good meal choice, with every day that passes where I wait on God and put in my own work, I see change. I am heading in the right direction, I just know it. 

Does it help you to see others struggles brought to light? Or are you motivated more by success around you?

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