Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Co-op Trap

I love my co-op, I really do. 
I am in there nearly everyday. It's about 4 blocks from my house, and I get MOST of my meat and veggies there as well as other treats I can't get anywhere else. 

Something that I have noticed though is that my brain will tell, well, itself that EVERYthing at the co-op is ok food to have. It's all natural, organic, expensive...and if It's at the Co-op, it's OK... RIGHT?  Right? 

Not quite. 
Sugar and fat is still sugar and fat. 
Chocolate cake is still chocolate cake. 
Even if it's GF, vegan and flourless. 
I fall into the trap of thinking that things at the co-op are "HEALTHIER" for me, better for me or will not cause weight gain. NOT true! 

Mac and cheese is still mac and cheese. 
Even if the box is green, says organic and has a little healthy bunny on it. 
Even organic processed items are can be loaded with sodium, chemicals and more ingredients than we really need.

Health isn't hiding around EVERY corner of the natural foods store, we still have to do our part: 
Shop the outside of the market
Read labels
Watch fat and sugar intake
Steer away from processed foods: can, box, bag etc.. 

The produce, bakery, meat, seafood, and dairy sections line the walls of the store and most everything else in the center is processed and junk foods. So many of the foods in cans and boxes are filled with additives and preservatives and very highly processed. 
Steer clear!!

You will save money! Fresh food is over all cheaper than the processed goods! It is cheaper to buy fresh and it will take up less space in your bags, car and fridge too! In the long run, you will save on health care costs ounce of prevention!

There are more servings available from fresh food than from processed food. A night of build your own pita pizzas with fresh basil, spinach and tomatoes, can offer days of leftovers, but a frozen tombstone lasts one night and will sit like a rock in your stomach!

Read labels on things you DO buy! Watch fat and SUGAR as well as calories! Also note what added ingredients are in your food you buy. I buy canned beans, but always check to see it's JUST beans, some contain added sodium and even added sugar. The sneakiest part is the serving size...don't assume one serving is one can, bar, bag...check that out so you don't eat more than you need to!  

Most of all you will save calories! Processed foods have been altered from their natural state and many have attatives, sugars, fats and preservatives that can work against weight loss and pile on unwanted pounds. 

Some processed foods like milk and frozen veggies are not "bad" for you, but canned foods with added sodium, frozen dinners and packaged deserts are examples of unhealthy processed foods. 

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