Monday, February 6, 2012

Engagement announcement & goals!

I have two awesome announcements: ONE--I have some 2012 goals to share! 

I know, they aren't resolutions for the new year, but just somethings I am "focusing" on!  Ok, so it's February, and I am working on my 2012 vision board. Not TOO bad, I had been cutting out here and there and just started to put it together this weekend! Turns out I will have TWO, each dedicated to a big goal! 

The vision board process.... 

My figure contest goal is important. I am focused on eating right, lifting right and doing my best for the big contest!! It's a lot of little steps right now toward a BIG goal in the future--it's not too far away now, I will be stepping on stage in just a little while! 

I am going to slow down, take time to rest and make my schedule a little more manageable and ENJOYABLE! What does that look like? More time in the bible for me, everyday, reading, strengthening and growing! Just like we have to work our muscles, we have to read the bible to grow in our strength. Two, not saying "yes" to everything, not taking on too much, not booking my days so busy I don't enjoy life!! 

There is ONE big thing I said YES to!

MACK and I are engaged!! We are planning a summer wedding!!! 

My goal around this is to enjoy being engaged, to LOVE our sweet time in this spot and to work on those things that will last a lifetime, not just for the big day! It ties in with slowing down, I really want to love these moments before June and not just have an additional check list...the no stress wedding planning!!! 

Have a GREAT start to your week-- rock out your goals, no matter how big or how small, every step is a step either in the right direction or the wrong!! Keep up the great work!! 

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