Friday, February 10, 2012

Tracking workouts

Where has this whole week gone? 
I can tell you.... 
I tracked it all! 

I always kind of had an idea of how much I could lift and how many reps I completed, but this past week, I started tracking them all in my new workout planner! It's fun to look at this week and already see progress from the week prior! It's just like tracking your runs on DailyMIle so you can see how far you are going, if your speed is improving etc...  

I will be able to do the same lifting routine for a few weeks and then modify it, working on gaining strength as I go and alternating heavy to light, KNOWING exactly how much that is! 

Back and Biceps day
Lat Pull down - 2 warm up sets 70# 12 reps
6 working sets 100# 6 reps

Barbell Curl - 50# 8 reps, 4 sets
Rope Pull high- 30# 10 reps, 3 sets 42.5# 10 reps 1 set
Hammer Curl- 20# 10 reps, 4 sets
Assisted Pull up (narrow and wide) - 25# assistance 8 narrow grip , 6 wide grip, 
8 narrow grip, 8 wide grip 
Lat Push down- 28.5# 12 reps, 4 sets
Some core in between sets... 

I can tell that I can up my reps on the pull ups and that I can up my weight on the Lat Push down. I can also see that I can up the weight on hammer curls and drop the reps a bit. Just an example of one of the workouts I am doing for my current training!  

I would like to add more moves like crossfitters do... the hang power snatch and power cleans!! 

In the meantime, lift on and give it your all!! 

What is your favorite lift or one you REALLY want to learn and try?? 

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