Saturday, February 18, 2012

Each rep, each set, each step

Happy Saturday!! Here is a poem I love: 

I own it - do you see?

I'm not training for "almost," "not quite," 
or "maybe."
Each rep, each set, each step -
Closer to victory.
... So, on I fight -
Me vs. me.
Leaving nothing on the field -
Only sweat.
Giving more than my all -
No regret.
Pushing for the day I find
The body in the mirror
Mirrors the one I see in my mind.
I own it - and I'll never rest
Until I'm better than my best....
By: Erin Stern

I am SO excited, I am seeing more and more gains, 
I can tell my shoulders, my medial Delts, are rounding out. 
The middle part of your deltoid that you target with side 
raises and overhead press, that's what gives us that 
rounded look in our shoulders! A MUST for the figure 
stage and mine are really coming out nice, each rep, 
each set, each step !! 

Valentines RECAP! 
My first, ONLY and last valentines day as an engaged 
woman was amazing!!! I was surprised by MACK at home 
AND at work! 

He sent me flowers at work and surprised me with a 
dinner out at an Italian restaurant that had a FOUR 
course dinner!! I didn't take any pics, but a blurry 
one of us below!  

It was a late night, but we were spontaneous, tired and 
happy...I have never seen someone so THRILLED to give 
to me and love me. Oh, wait, yes I have!! My groom here 
reflects the light and LOVE of my King in heaven! Jesus' 
light just pours out of him. When he is SO enthusiastic to
buy me dinner, a ring, provide all he does for me, he just 
points to Jesus with every action. 
I LOVE you MACK, I love you Jesus! 

each rep, each set, each step
I am tracking all my workouts, each set each rep, and took 
a few minutes today to plan ALL of next week out. The exercises 
are set the reps and weights will change, read IMPROVE in 
strength for the lifts!!! I am SO pumped to have the days already 
planned, in and OUT of the gym, tons of hard work in between 
and planning DONE! 
Sunday I am tracking all my meals ahead of time, prep cooking 
for the WHOLE week and taking the upper hand. No running out of 
food, no forgetting a snack or trying to remember how much I 
lifted last week... time to DO WORK and get FIT!

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