Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Audience of One

Nothing in life is perfect, we know that. 
RIGHT? Sometimes life reminds us pretty BOLDLY of that truth. There will never be a day where everything is exactly how it should be, life in order, goals all met, dishes done, laundry folded, toes painted, world peace etc. 

There are days when our slightest actions even can throw off everything. Someone misunderstands, someone judges, we say something it's taken wrong, whatever it is...it goes wrong and we can't help it! That's where the Audience of ONE concept comes in. 

I LOVE it. MACK uses it all the time. 
Who are we accountable to? Ultimately God. 
When it LOOKS like we messed up, said the wrong thing, or the right thing was taken the wrong way, or a situation LOOKS to outsiders different than it really is, GOD sees our heart  and our intentions. 

words of wisdom from MACK, my sweet.

We can run around explaining, defending, standing up for what we did. 
This creates a dependency on others, WHY? We need them to understand, we need their approval, we need to look a certain way in front of them. Make the wrongs right. It can turn into people pleasing really fast and as much as I love people, we should look to please GOD FIRST. He knows our hearts, our intentions and will be our ultimate judge, so worrying about pleasing others before being honest with ourselves and GOD is  a waste. 


Same motto can hold true for your fitness and your workout routines! 
Audience of ONE: YOU. 
YOU know if 110% is hitting the gym floor
YOU know if you slack on your reps
YOU know if you slack on your good nutrition
YOU know if you aren't seeing results
 YOU know if what your doing isn't working
YOU know if you are true to your dreams
 YOU know if you are on the right path
SO don't cheat yourself, be accountable to YOU and move on with all you are doing! Be encouraged, when we MOVE, God moves with us and when we take that first step, things won't be perfect, but he will be there with us. 

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