Friday, March 9, 2012


There is nothing worse than feeling sick! 
I was home sick from work, which is way different than being home sick from an office.
Canceling clients and having people rearrange their day...I try to avoid it, but I got struck hard!! I slept most of the day away, drinking a lot of water and tea and eating clean. Surprisingly easy: there WAS no junk in my house. 

When I am sick, I always want to eat, eat, eat and eat comfort food! For me, I go with toast and butter, LOTS, but I opted to just stick with my meal plan and eat the way I always do, it was the best thing for me! NO junk. NO off plan eating even when I am down with a cold! That was a total win for me. 

Down to Nothing
Do you ever feel like you are down to nothing, that all you are trying to do isn't working and isn't going to matter in the end anyway? DON'T give up!! You know, when you are down to nothing, God is up to something!!! 

Don't give up on that good nutrition or workout. So maybe you didn't do as well as you wanted, don't give up for that day, that's like dropping your phone on the ground and saying "oh well, I'll just step on it and smash it since I dropped it!" NO! Start over with every breath and with every moment!! 

When you feel you are down to nothing it's a chance to build what you WANT! Do you ever just want a chance to start from square ONE, a DO over? Then DO IT OVER! We decide when we get to recreate our path and our dreams, we change lanes, pick a new direction and declare "No where to go from here but UP!" 

So when you are down to nothing, never stay down, start over, pick a new direction, make it a COME BACK , not a SET BACK! I am feeling amazing today after much needed rest, water and sleep, ready to go out there and GET after it, coming around the corner of my come back yo, watch out....! 

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