Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthdays & spray tans

Ok, so I had a birthday, I turned 36, oh, a week or so ago! It was a great few days FILLED with friends and family! I got my wedding dress altered with my bridesmaids, had dinner with MACK, his son and my mom and spent time with my Dad. I used to fret about birthdays, but not any more, the older I get the better I feel, so no fretting about racking up those years. The workouts I do are harder than one more year behind me, I would rather count the years AHEAD of me!  

18 days till I take the stage  
My first figure show is going to be behind me sooner than I know!! Below is my suit fabric, I am really happy about the choice, I know it will be beautiful. I decided to buy the suit and not rent one. I don't know just HOW many shows I will do, but I want to have my first suit be mine and keep it. Do any of you doing shows keep suits or sell?

Remember my BIG photo shoot? Well it was Saturday, I am going to post a FULL recap soon, but for now, here is a little teaser pic! Me in one outfit all ready to go, spray tan and all! Not too bad for 3 weeks out! Gotta make sure I keep lifting heavy and maintain for a bit longer!! 

The past TWO weeks, I have been very diligent with my clean eating EVEN When I was sick, which was a feat. MACK has been on a clean cooking kick and it's such a life saver when he brings me dinner or has dinner for me. Having a support system like that is essential to doing well in this sport of figure. One thing I have been craving is POPCORN!!! 

The other night, I had a little and while it was still HOT I sprinkled chocolate protein powder on it, something I read of course. It was JUST the little treat I needed, totally loved it. I added a dash of cinnamon too, but it didn't stick like the protein powder did. It kind of melted onto it, very good. I am sure you can use any kind of protein powder, or even nutritional yeast (which I haven't tried!) 

HAVE a GREAT week!! 

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