Thursday, March 29, 2012

CHANGE: 2 days out

Wow, Fit this, girl is MIA girl! Well, with good reason, I am knee deep in wedding plans and TWO days out from my first figure show!! I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, scared and hopeful, all rolled into one!! It's going to be amazing, I am CONFIDENT that I am going to ROCK it out and have fun. All these months of work and prep will really pay off, I know it!! As long as I am smiling on that stage!! 

Here is my suit, not yet blinged out, taken on 3/19. Since then, my coach as been sending me diet changes, I am amazed at the changes Figure competitors go through and make to their nutrition as to get their bodies to respond a certain way. It's been the biggest challenge for certain! 

March 19th 

With BLING!! 

March 27th

Here I am on 3/27, day three of my diet where I am "depleting", 4 days from the show. My muscles look a little "flat here" because of the nutrition plan that my coach created will deplete my muscles of glycogen and then pump them full of clean carbs the last 2 days which pumps the muscles up! A whole new world to me...lucky for me MACK bought me all these amazing flavors of dessert gum from Extra. I LOVE them, they are an amazing treat!! 


If you want to see change you have to MAKE change! Want a different outcome, DO something different! 

So many people do the same things over and over expecting to see a different result: nutrition, workouts, unhealthy habits, wrong thinking! NEW and different is the name of the game! Add in jump training, lift some weights, skip the sugary breakfast, have a protein shake, read a bible verse, join a recovery group, call someone for support.... 

When we face a crisis of choice or one is created by our habits and lifestyle that has led us here, we WILL be pressed into change. Crisis creates change--I mean, what has caused you to make some of your biggest changes? A crisis, a decision, a fork in the road, even if just internal. 

When we want different outcomes we need to DO different, train different, eat different, THINK different. Day in and day out I hear people talk about what they WISH they saw on the scale, with their body, with their habits and I ask "What have you changed?" Their response often is: ZERO.  You can't expect to see change if you won't step forward, face the crisis, put down the cake and MAKE change.  

Change and you will be changed, DO and you will see results, face the hard thing, make the hard choice, turn the crisis into a VICTORY and celebrate that victory before you ever see the outcome will alter everything! 

What victory are you celebrating? What change are YOU making? 

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