Friday, April 6, 2012

Gopher State Recap

Happy Good Friday! What an amazing weekend: Easter is here which is when God started the process of saving and justifying us! The grave is empty and we have been risen and seated with Christ!! 
There is NO better weekend than Easter!! 

Gopher State is nearly one week behind me and I am excited to say, I took second in my class which was masters 35+! SECOND place for my first show is amazing! I am thrilled and have really caught the bug! 

It was an early day with hair and make up at 6 am, the layers of spray tanning happened the night before, so sleeping was a real treat!! Here is my team mate Carol and I in the WEE hours of the morning, but we have coffee, so we are happy! 

Me and my teammates back stage: Melissa and Rachel who also both placed in their class!! Coach T really does an amazing job of prepping us for walking, posing, what to do and what to expect, plus she coordinates all the things we will need that day! No guess work, leaves us time to do OUR jobs-workout and eat right!! 

Morning was pre-judging so that was a morning and early afternoon full of waiting around. Meeting lots of cool athletes and getting a feel for the competition lifestyle- MUCH work, a lot of waiting and just a few minutes on stage. Prejudging went from 9 am-1 pm and then we had a break till finals when they simply called the athletes on stage and announced the winners. 

This is me after my second place win, I was THRILLED to place at all, let alone top 3, It was fantastic!! AIMING high all the time! When the time came to actually take the facilitators hand  and get our photo taken, I was in awe, I had seen so many pictures like this before and here I was IN ONE!! I was so flustered, I forgot to grab the girls hand next to me--I was still in my pose. Yikes--sorry girl! 

More amazing winners from Coach T:

I wanted to win first in my class. It was my lofty goal, getting second was an amazing reminder of how hard I worked and that with time, experience, MORE hard work and God's grace, I CAN achieve those goals. I wanted to win figure overall as well, why not aim high right? But didn't register correctly so was not in the "open" class. Had I been, I would have been judged against women in my height class, of ALL ages, so it would be a great comparison to all the women competing. As it is, I am thrilled with my place! Still I won't stop writing my goals!! ON to the next!!

The sunday after, I was back at clean eating and this whole past week allowed myself treats not on my regular meal plan: avocado, steak etc. This of course is the way I normally eat, but I have another competition in just 2 weeks, so I took a few days to enjoy and then will be a little more strict. Still I enjoyed a cupcake RIGHT after the show and split one with MACK after this great picnic lunch outside!!

For as much hard work and discipline as I put into this show and as much as I learned about myself, working out and eating, It's not a place where you LIVE. Having a very low BF%  and 6 pack abs is a great goal, but not at the expense of eating normal. My BF was LOW before my deplete week, it was close to 12. Afterwards it was about 9.5 which is below essential and TOO low. My weight dropped a bit too, by about 5 pounds and after this next show, I am looking forward to it going back up. 

I loved competing, I love the challenge and the results and it's is a FUN day with all the other athletes who have worked as hard if not HARDER than you, but Its not a lifestyle. Eating healthy and clean and working hard are, but the last 2 weeks or so of competition prep are not. 

Keep that in mind when you see pictures of these competitions and magazine photo shoots, there's a prep time that is very restrictive and not a place where we should want to be. You can be a hard body, a sexy beast and have an amazing look with eating clean and healthy and hard work alone!! As always, it's a combination of a clean diet, eating for fat loss, lifting weights and doing a few sessions of cardio. There is no magic pill, only hard work and we all possess that potential!! 

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