Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The BRIDES Workout #1

Jeremiah 31:3 “I have loved you with an everlasting love; 
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness." 

Today: what are you putting first in your heart? In your talk, in your time? Is is lasting and everlasting or will what you put first today just fade away?? This WHOLE week has been a challenge for me to really look at what I am putting first in all areas! Some parts of the wedding planning process have brought my least desirable traits out and when they rear their ugly head, I can't help but ask...what am I allowing to be FIRST over the love of God, over kindness and his word? What ever it is, has GOT to go!! 

On a lighter note, Easter morning I got a sweet surprise in a little basket and pink egg: 
It's a 1920's white diamond and white sapphire ring. 18k white gold, just exactly what MACK and I wanted!! I can't stop looking at it!! 

So to realign my heart with those things that are everlasting and should be put first, I am taking a few days break from planning... but not from working OUT! So, I give you 

The Brides Workout #1 .... 

What do brides want on their wedding day?? 

1) FIT in the dress
2) Great Arms and shoulders
3) flat tummy 

83% of all brides-to-be want to lose weight before their 
wedding day!

Well, we want brides to look their best YEAR round for the husbands and to keep that healthy lifestyle moving along before and AFTER the I DO is done. 

THREE Rounds: 

Body weight squats 12
Squat with Front kick 12 each leg
Push ups 12

Body Weight Squats: Get your legs and heart pumping, make that booty tiny and tight!! 
Chest Press: the BIG guns of lifting--this isn't for GUYS only, get tighter triceps, more defined shoulders and feel the burn when you have to catch your breath.  
Tricep extension: since they will be tired already, fatigue them even more, no rest for the tricep! Shapely arms are shaped by working the WHOLE arm and with a clean diet, strong triceps help! 
Squat with front kick: Hold 2 Dumbbells, squat down and stand, kicking one food straight out in front. Kick all 12 with that foot between squats and feel your Quads and Glutes just light up!  
Barbell bicep curl to press: 2 arm shapers in one. An underhand grip, curling the bar up to chest height and extend overhead to a press. Targeting the shoulders, AND shaping the biceps.
Pushups: tighten your core and work the shoulders, back, chest and triceps with this single move.
Burpees: Plyometrics are great for fat burning and this is the essential plyo move!    

Go after all your goals and never lose sight of WHY we are doing this! Not for one day, but for everyday of the rest of our lives!! 

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