Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Word & WEIGHT: Lateral raise

Word & Weight: 

Proverbs 3:3 
Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3 is my and MACK's wedding verse!! It's even on our invitations! Technically we are using the whole chapter to write a Marriage Mission Statement!! It's in the works! But LOVE is the key to so much, If we say we believe but have no love? What's the point? We can have faith that moves mountains, give up our bodies and give everything we own to the poor, but if we lack love, we have nothing, we gain nothing. 

When we love, it's because Christ first loved us, its because that love is IN us, to the full, to overflowing that it comes out and gets on everything!! It is because we are filled with God's love that we are able to even know what love is, recognize it, give it to others and aim for the true thing, for Christ like love in all we do and say. Keep it close, bind it around your neck and tattoo it on your hearts!! 

my last shoulder workout, 
4 days till showtime! 

Lateral Raise: 
One of my favorite shoulder exercises, the lateral or Side raise targets the deltoids or shoulders, specifically the side which gives us that nice round look, keeps your sundress straps up and helps our waists look smaller! #Winning!

 Start with your knees soft and your elbows just slightly bent. You can use a set of dumb bells, bands or set of lighter plates. 
  • Palms facing your body and facing the floor at the top of the motion
  • LIFT your arms, elbows still slightly bent 
  • Bring your forearms are parallel with your shoulders, and with the floor. 
  • Be sure and exhale as you lift 
  • Lower the weights slowly and in control--that is KEY! 
  • Always be in control of your weights! 

Be sure and use a light enough weight that you can lift and lower without swinging it. Also keep those elbows in line with the shoulders so that you are targeting the lateral deltoid and not the front. Lastly, keep the tension on your muscles, by not letting the weights bang or hang at the bottom of the motion...  Working my shoulders is something I LOVE to do!! 

Watch this coming week for a shoulder SERIES on how to get the best summer shoulders!! 
Have a happy Wednesday and remember--
LOVE is the key! 

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