Thursday, April 26, 2012

With just the spray glue on your butt: Great North Recap

Great North  Recap
I have sure been MIA this week, after the Fitness America Pageant, The Great North I DOVE  wedding planning!!  BUT, I had a great experience at the show, learned a ton and am excited to keep moving forward!! 

SO, first of all I didn't place which was a little disappointing, but I came away with a ton of great lessons. I felt prepared, I felt like I looked good, I looked different than my last show and am spending sometime writing a journal about the workouts and meals I had in between shows and check out what may have made a difference.

One difference is that all federations look for different traits in the competitors and that alone is enough to make or break a performance EVEN if you train the same or look the same. They may not be looking for the same as the last show judges in a different federation.  I also received feedback from the judges which is SO gracious of them to do and really helpful.

Things I knew: 
1) My poses are a little weak, meaning, some of my poses I do better in the gym practicing than on stage. I don't believe I am engaging my muscles correctly on the moves and am going to continue to practice. I knew this was a weakness and so did the judges. 
2) My body always seems to look different on stage and after a deplete week than it does even the few days before and after a show, a little flatter, a little less definition. I am still working on deciphering why....
Here is a video of my first T walk, which I messed up on, but tried to correct! 

Don't walk so fast!! Eek! 

Here is a picture ( a little fuzzy) of me FINALLY rocking the Back pose the way I am supposed to... see that V in the middle of my back? Well done, at least I did it once!! It's the most challenging one for me. Here I am with my class-- figure short class. I felt like the competition was REALLY good. Everyone looked amazing. 

MACK, me and Mom

Here are some important lessons I learned: 

1) I was not the only person to walk off stage with out placing, many girls did. And what matters was that my SECOND walk I did, the one at finals was exactly what I had practiced and I was really pleased!! It felt great to rock it out at finals even if the judging had already taken place. What matters is what WE do on stage, not what we come away with. 

2) It's healthy to walk off stage with just the spray glue on your butt. Seriously, I felt like crying. I DID, I wanted to place, even 5th place, but I didn't. It wasn't my turn, it was my turn to walk off the stage with a smile and clap for others. I think it's healthy to NOT do what you want to do at times. We won't always place, win or get what we want, but we can use it to push forward.
A bad day for your ego, can be a GREAT day for your character. 

3) Judging is based on opinion and based on that DAY. I would love for judges to follow us for 2 weeks, see our hard work, dedication, drive, diet, dreams and judge us on that as well, but alas it is simply on how we look, pose and walk that ONE day. I don't have to agree with the judges, but that doesn't mean it's not fair, it is. 

4) Sportsmanship is important. I wanted to cry after the show, but didn't. Once I saw all the other girls who walked off stage without placing, I realized too that what matters as much as how we win is how we don't. I wanted to NOT win with a smile, with joy for my class and determination to do it again. Success. 

I enjoyed a SUNDAY morning breakfast burrito with MACK and Pastor Eric during a pre-marital session and it was amazing!! I took this week to allow a few treats... I also had oatmeal pancakes and they were amazing!! What is YOUR fave treat every week or after a big event?? 

I am excited to focus on building muscle, nailing the walking and posing down and getting ready to marry the man of my dreams before I compete again in the fall. I really love being on stage, but am going to focus on some specific goals on my way!! 

In the meantime it is 65 days till my wedding!! 
Happy, healthy bridal workouts coming right up!! 

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