Friday, April 27, 2012

Brides Workout #2: Rockin' Arms

ROCKIN' ARM'S Workout! 
Of course for your big day, brides want rockin' arms!! I know I do! 
It's a balance you know, wedding planning is like putting on a STAGE production! 
Costumes, set design, lines, rehearsal and finally lights, camera, action!! 

There's a ton to do, but making time for workouts before your big day is JUST as important! You can reduce stress, sleep better, your skin will look better and you will see the results you want and LOVE if you are consistent. Remember too, nutrition is important, it's 70 percent of your success with reaching your goals, but nutrition and exercise go hand in hand!

Warm up: Active warm up or on a treadmill or elliptical machine for 5 min! 

For three sets of 8 reps

Walking lunges holding dumb bells 20 total (20 lunges, not 8 reps)
21's- 7 bicep curls to your waist 7 from the top to mid section, 7 full range curls
Lunge jumps-pump those arms and REPEAT for your three sets of 8! 

Engagement Advent Calendar
With life being so full and so busy wedding planning, working and working OUT, we needed  a reminder of what a wedding is really about.... A MARRIAGE! 

It's not just one day, one big party, it's so much more. It's about building a life, becoming one, not just one day, for for all our days! Just like working out, you don't do something once and expect to see results. 

You don't have one day where you stick to your plans and expect to meet your goals. It's a life long process of getting, being and staying fit. So is marriage. We anticipate a life long process of facing all life throws at us, doing it with God as our strength and doing it with Joy modeled for us in God's word! It may not always be easy, but it will be worth it. 

SO, we took little cards and created an advent calendar with a note, message, memory of our last 6 months and taped it on the wall! Everyday we will turn one over, read the message out loud to the other so we can keep flaming the love, keep our sanity and our perspective.... So far, so good!!  

Have a GREAT weekend, I am off to workout, work and then have my FIRST ever Bridal SHOWER!!! Full recap next week!! Be blessed! 

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