Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A few days off--a few OFF days

It's been a week and two days since my last competition, the FAP Great North, but it feels like it's been much longer!! Work is busy, busy and wedding planning is down to the nitty gritty details!! I am cherishing the details though, because as tedious as it seems now, I know it will be beautiful and elegant the day of. I am kind of a low maintenance, simple girl, so all I am planning seems elaborate, but it's just that every one decision, has 5 other things to do after it! Enjoying it, thinking about how pretty it will be, the pictures we will take, the coming together in our covenant and the CAKE!! 

Whew, speaking of. I have jumped back into normal clean eating, but had a few days "off" of that even. My few days OFF, really felt like OFF days. Now, I am ALL about treats and not depriving yourself, but I DID go a little overboard. 

Wedding Shower: 
I had my first wedding shower!! 
There were cupcakes. 
I had a few (not a couple, not a bunch, few.) 

But I am only a bride once, so I had my cake and ate it too! 
It was a blast, here I am with my sister and some of my nieces! 

I also had a church picnic on Sunday, where there were sweets, hamburgers, hot dogs (MY VICE!) and chips, I had a little of everything regular picnic style and knew as I was doing it, that it wasn't clean eating. I looked at the table of food and literally said "I am glad I am not in competition mode." WRONG attitude to have. 

Having treats and picnic food in moderation is OK, but thinking, "oh, I can splurge because I am not facing such and such a goal" is the wrong way to face post competition food. I still want to eat clean, healthy and for fat loss! I don't want to throw in the towel till I compete in the fall only to realize that instead of continuing to work hard, I would be at square one. 

There is no finish line. 
I have to remember that. 
This is a lifestyle, a journey, NOT a destination. 
So, I start over: Eggs, chicken, broccoli, quinoa today and yesterday, rolling through my clean eating motions even though I am still dreaming of those wedding shower cupcakes!! 

I am going to keep my weekly treat meal on the calendar, it seems to work for me. Clean 80-90% of the time and a day where I get to have a treat, be it meal or dessert I have been craving etc. I have little treats daily, a square of dark chocolate etc, but am going to eat as if I am in constant prep mode--always being ready! 

Chocolate Mousse: 
thanks to one of my teammates for the easiest chocolate mousse recipes around-- greek yogurt mixed with a table spoon of cocoa and a packet of sweetener (or squeeze of honey!) It hits the spot for a sweet treat! Serve with berries or top with tiny chips! What a day saver, clean and LEAN! 

Everyone deals with mental set backs, eating roadblocks, days or weekends where we don't do so great, but we get back in the saddle and start again! We  keep our eyes on the prize, the goal daily of treating ourselves well, doing what is best for our bodies and our souls, best for our health!! Aiming for that 80-20 for clean and lean living! 

What healthy clean treat do you cling to when climbing back in the saddle? 

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